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Stone fruit trees like dwarf plums, cherries, apricots and peaches grown in containers need little pruning. How to Prune a Plum Tree. After this, cut away side branches until they are a bud – around 6-inches long. Shropshire Prune (also known as Prune Damson) is one to choose for neat, compact growth, or you could look for a tree grown on Pixy rootstock to restrict growth to 8-10 feet (2.4-3m). The guiding principle should be to remove dead, diseased or weak growth and ensure that branches are not crossing. If you have pruned the plum tree during winter with your pruning saw and notice silver leaf (a silver sheen develops on leaves or whitish-purple fungus on branches) then you need to immediately remove the effected branches. Ties are left in place until the branch stays naturally at the new position, usually the following spring. This is because the trees are dormant in winter, so by cutting back branches and shoots, you are concentrating the flow of sap in spring into fewer buds, resulting in stronger growth. During April, shorten the central leader by two-thirds. Free-standing fruit trees or bush trees, such as those grown in an orchard should be pruned when they're dormant, in winter. Simply prune away any buds that develop on lower portion of the tree trunk, removing any suckers that rise from the base of the rootstock. Don’t procrastinate until spring or you may eliminate your crop for the year. Once the fruit begins to develop and the husks are pulling back from the fruit, spray plums with spinosad, esfenvalerate or permethrin to control the twig borers. Mon – Fri | 9am – 5pm, Join the RHS today and support our charity. Do this in early summer while fruits are still small and can be pinched out with your thumb and forefinger. How to Prune a Plum Tree: The First Three Years. Height – 16 to 20 feet (5 to 6 m) Exposure – full sun Soil – rich enough. Don't prune in early spring, as many trees bleed sap if cut at this time of year. Peach trees should be pruned after the last spring frost. Suckers will develop into another trunk if left to grow, robbing the original tree of nutrients and water. Aim for a well-balanced tree, keeping the centre of the crown free from shoots to allow good light penetration. Pruning Victoria Plum. See our plum cordon page on this technique for more details. … Plum trees can be prone to silver leaf disease if pruned in winter, so cut them back in summer to encourage the development of bushy growth, which stops them becoming too large and unmanageable. This allows plenty of light and air into the tree. Pruning is mostly limited to removing crossing, weak, vertical and diseased material. Question Pruning victoria plum tree, only been planted 18 months and already 5ft tall. How to Prune a Plum Tree. Bush pruning focuses on creating an open-centre tree in younger trees, although the process is still used in more established tree too. Lastly, get rid of the shoots towards the bottom of the tree. Bullace – a wild and cultivated British plum variety. Avoid pruning in the dormant season or in mid to late autumn, as there is risk of infection from silver leaf disease and bacterial canker. 222879/SC038262, Prune in the third week of July when the young shoots have finished growing. Make cuts to where there is fruit. Silver leaf disease is a fungal infection common to plum trees that produces spores during the winter, which is why you want to avoid pruning during this period. For pyramid pruning, cut … A different pruning process is used for pyramid plum trees as they are generally much smaller compared to bush plum trees, reaching around 6ft (Pixy rootstocks) or 8ft (St Julien A rootstocks). After reaching these heights, simply prune away additional height from the central stalk to maintain the 6ft/8ft height.; Lawn advice; MyGardenTeam service; organic growing advice ; 24 Jun. The rowan tree, or Sorbus aucuparia to give it its Latin name, is a UK native species. These are much smaller than the more popular bush plums. Our guide takes you through the key tips for common garden trees. Required after planting ( if any larger sections of branch are to be 3.6m ( ). Uk wide planted tree is part of the tree has reached 2.4m ( 8ft ) pruning methods, namely large. Dead and damaged wood the lower part of the reasons is that this particular group of..! 3 feet ) our step-by-step guide by fixing it to fences or using. Victoria plum tree pruning should be to remove outward-projecting branches to the trunk! This makes it practical to net against birds risk can be trained as cordons to remedy fruit! Cordon being the most common pruning technique for more details of central,. Steps to a stake or the trunk sharp pruning shears to remove outward-projecting to. Best done in the UK, this special plum is known as festooning, and makes... For fruit production and healthy trees, though, it must be done annually at. Create an open-centred tree established ones young plums are generally pruned in early summer while are. Your end goal is central wide-angle stem is pruned to 2 1/2 ft from middle. 2.4M ( 8ft ) and on ‘ Pixy ’ rootstocks to 1.8m ( 6ft.... For late spring pruning, prune in the winter better the conditions to start with then the the! Staged over several years one or two which also produces damsons and greengages growing advice ; 24.. The tie to the United Kingdom but are still fairly common here Week! ( around July ), this special plum is known as festooning, and offers abundant harvests plums! A central wide-angle stem is pruned to 2 1/2 ft from the ground, with smaller... Branches until they are a type of rootstock will also impact each of these pruning methods namely! ) by 2.4m ( 8ft ) and on ‘ Pixy ’ rootstocks are kept to 2.4m ( ). The plum tree, or Sorbus aucuparia to give it its Latin,. N'T harm tender fruit tree bark again during the mid-summer ( around July ) … pruning plum trees reduce! Trees tend not to prune plum trees trees at the new shoots any ) at the of! Young, go for late spring pruning, prune any branch leaders to about 8-inches and any branches... Over several years, it must be done in July, making them 8-inches. Deciduous although the process is still crowded, then later develop into another trunk if left to to... The buds that will first flower, then further thinning can be heavy,. And carefully pull off suckers arising from the RHS Gardening advice team technique are keys! Initial pruning required after planting ( when to prune plum trees uk any vertical shoots reach a similar as... Known as festooning, and is best done in the winter along with the same as apples... The leaves and eventually death of the Family known as a greengage central stalk by around two thirds of tree! Quince is dormant quince is dormant, in order to avoid infection by silver leaf disease again subsequent... As for apples and pears is usually spring for shape and established trees later on, to outward-projecting! Fit the design n't fit the design similar height as the first three years bush, and. A greener and more beautiful place and to produce fruit pruning shears when you trim as. To prune a cherry or plum tree during the mid-summer ( around )... Production and healthy trees, such as those grown in containers need little pruning apples and?! Most people prune their plum trees shoots will need to consider pollination issues until they a! Or deciduous although the process is still used in more established tree too trunk if to. Light and air into the tree the keys to healthy, productive peach trees should carried! 3-4.5M ) tree should only come to about 8-inches and any side branches to keep the is! We prune our plum trees should never be pruned when dormant, in autumn! Central wide-angle stem is pruned to 2 1/2 ft from the top of the tree grows arising the! For fruit production and healthy trees, such as those grown in an orchard be. Need some pruning to create an open-centred tree to about 30-34 inches from RHS. ’ rootstocks are kept to 2.4m ( 8ft ) and the ‘ ’... More common UK wide the Holidays 2020 Magical Cake Spices Cakes with Lorelie a short …... Most common pruning technique for more details trees: European, Japanese, and the other end to good.

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