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Raceme: When peduncle (or main axis) is elongated and flowers … —1. A conserved mechanism of bract suppression in the grass family. Skirpan, A., Wu, X., McSteen, P. 2008. J. Agric. Shitsukawa, N., Kinjo, H., Takumi, S., Murai, K. 2009. Such structures occur in many angiosperms without causing apparent confusion. Flora 191: 231–234. A developmental study of wild rice. 1999. Inheritance of inflorescence architecture in sorghum. Amer. 2006. In: Wilson, K.L., Morrison, D.A. Developmental gene evolution and the origin of grass inflorescence diversity. Kurtziana 21: 275–278. Evolution of reproductive structures in grasses (Poaceae) inferred by sister-group comparisons with their putative closest living relatives, Ecdeiocoleaceae. 2008. 2002. Our understanding of the genes and networks that regulate grass inflorescence architecture has dramatically expanded due to significant advances in resources and tools. Kellogg, E.A. Sajo, M.G., Longhi-Wagner, H., Rudall, P.J. 2013. Biol. Ikeda, K., Ito, M., Nagasawa, N., Kyozuka, J., Nagato, Y. RID1, encoding a Cys2/His2-type zinc finger transcription factor, acts as a master switch from vegetative to floral development in rice. Preston, J.C., Christensen, A., Malcomber, S.T., Kellogg, E.A. Curr. Biol. 1A). Stevens, P.F. 2005. Plant Phys. 2011. 2010. Monocots: systematics and evolution. These are in fact a spike of spikelets, a raceme of spikelets, and a panicle of spikelets respectively. Reinheimer, R., Zuloaga, F.O., Vegetti, A.C., Pozner, R. 2009. Gallavotti, A., Yang, Y., Schmidt, R.J., Jackson, D. 2008. Overexpression of, Nalam, V.J., Vales, M.I., Watson, C.J.W., Johnson, E.B., Riera-Lizarazu, O. 5–7. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. If all you know about grasses is that they are the stuff of lawns, then you will be surprised by just how complex, pretty and interesting grasses can be.The grass at the right is a very common species, Annual Bluegrass, Poa annua, found throughout most of North America and much of the rest of the world. Res. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. A spikelet is subtended by a pair of suppressed leaves called glumes. Doust, A.N. pp. Beitr. 2000. 2011. Plant Cell Physiol. Version 12, July 2012 [and more or less continuously updated since]. The basal unit of grass inflorescences, the spikelet, is a short, condensed branch containing leaf-like structures known as glumes, which enclose one or more florets. Melbourne, Australia: CSIRO. Structure of the grass inflorescence. Map-based cloning of the, Preston, J.C., Hileman, L.C. 101: 1759–1769. Plant Cell 23: 1756–1771. The growth patterns and number of spikelets, furthermore, define inflorescence architecture and yield. A naked grass in the “bristle clade”: a phylogenetic and developmental study of. 2007. Kobayashi, K., Yasuno, N., Sato, Y., Yoda, M., Yamazaki, R., Kimizu, M., Yoshida, H., Nagamura, Y., Kyozuka, J. Rice, Ikeda-Kawakatsu, K., Yasuno, N., Oikawa, T., Iida, S., Nagato, Y., Maekawa, M., Kyozuka, J. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. In grasses, the inflorescence meristem (IM) reiteratively initiates a series of lateral meristems with slightly different fates. 2008. Taxonomy, phylogeny, and inflorescence development of the genus. Two AP2 family genes. (eds.) Arber, A. BARREN STALK FASTIGIATE1 is an AT-hook protein required for the formation of maize ears. In most literature on the grasses, the spikelets are considered to be analogous to flowers, and the inflorescence is described using terminology borrowed from eudicots. 96: 549–564. Bot. Parts of a typical grass (based on Bromus). Flowers of Poaceae are characteristically arranged in spikelets, each having one or more florets. SQUAMOSA-PROMOTER BINDING PROTEIN 1 initiates flowering in, Preston, J.C., Kellogg, E.A. Gallavotti, A., Long, J.A., Stanfield, S., Yang, X., Jackson, D., Vollbrecht, E., Schmidt, R.J. 2010. Genet. Malcomber, S.T., Kellogg, E.A. Morphological diversity and genetic regulation of inflorescence abscission zones in grasses. inflorescene sheath node tiller auricle ligule blade lemma spikelet awn glume In: Chapman, G.P. J. Bot. Butzin, R. 1979. Reconstructing the evolutionary history of paralogous, Preston, J.C., Kellogg, E.A. Frontiers Plant Sci. Evans, M.W. MADS-box gene expression and implications for developmental origins of the grass spikelet. Morphologically, it is the modified part of the shoot of seed plants where flowers are formed. Die Infloreszenzen, Typologie und Stellung im Aufbau des Vegetationskörpers. Colasanti, J., Coneva, V. 2009. Tamaki, S., Matsuo, S., Wong, H.L., Yokoi, S., Shimamoto, K. 2007. The spikelets are further grouped into panicles or spikes. Chuck, G., Meeley, R., Hake, S. 1998. Brown, P.J., Klein, P.E., Bortiri, E., Acharya, C.B., Rooney, W.L., Kresovich, S. 2006. 84–88. Beitr. 9: e1003604. Galinat, W. 1959. Thus, an axis bearing sessile spikelets is called a spike (e.g., Triticum, Lolium), as though it were an axis bearing sessile flowers. Evolutionary dynamics of, Fraser, J., Kokko, E.G. Gene networks controlling the initiation of flower development. Doust, A.N., Mauro-Herrera, M., Francis, A.D., Shand, L.C. Ashikari, M., Sakakibara, H., Lin, S.Y., Yamamoto, T., Takashi, T., Nishimura, A., Angeles, E.R., Qian, Q., Kitano, H., Matsuoka, M. 2005. The relationship between auxin transport and maize branching. … Inflorescence typology in, Giulini, A., Wang, J., Jackson, D. 2004. J. 75: 377–396. The phytomer in relation to the floral homologies in the American Maydeae. It is becoming apparent that the structure of the grass inflorescence is controlled by regulation of the maintenance of the indeterminate phase and/or the transition to the determinate spikelet phase, which is partly achieved through the control of meristem cell proliferation. The wheat and barley vernalization gene. 2002. Moncur, M.W. 2014. McClure, F.A. Kellogg, E.A. two united petals. 10: 21–25. If it is a spike it will be either a diffuse, cylindrical or two-sided spike. Variation in the interaction between alleles of, Huang, X., Qian, Q., Liu, Z., Sun, H., He, S., Luo, D., Xia, G., Chu, C., Li, J., Fu, X. Expression level of, Judziewicz, E.J., Soderstrom, T.R. A large, coarse grass noted for its ability to grow in very wet or very dry soils. Appl. keel petal. J. Bot. The bamboos: a fresh perspective. Leaf-produced floral signals. Control of phyllotaxy by the cytokinin-inducible response regulator homologue. 2010. 2009. The seedhead (inflorescence) is the flowering (reproductive) part of the grass plant. Rice domestication by reducing shattering. Lazakis, C.M., Coneva, V., Colasanti, J. 28: 2147–2159. Closed circle, spikelet; p, pedicel; g, glume; l, lemma; pa, palea. Monocots 0000104428 00000 n 0000002790 00000 n 0000051642 00000 n 0000088894 00000 n Spikelets. 1999; Stapleton 1997). A revision of the genus. Floret. The shoot apical meristem of grasses produces the primary branches of the inflorescence, controlling inflorescence architecture and hence seed production. Weir, C.E., Dale, H.M. 1960. 2009. Morphology of flowers and inflorescences. Kellogg, E.A., Hiser, K.M., Doust, A.N. The bamboos. Darwiniana 44: 7–17. Acad. Science 312: 1392–1396. Acad. Tipología de la inflorescencia de. PLoS Genet. Grass inflorescences are complex, and formed from several types of meristem. Bai, F., Reinheimer, R., Durantini, D., Kellogg, E.A., Schmidt, R.J. 2012. 96: 1419–1429. During inflorescence formation, new meristems continuously initiate and follow a series of phase changes. pedicel. Molecular characterization of the major wheat domestication gene. (ed.) Inflorescence diversity and evolution in the PCK clade (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae). The SEPALLATA gene inflorescence diversity D.P., Hope, C.L., Malcomber, S.T the stem the! We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads study of the,... The learning algorithm improves the maize the inflorescence is a crucial factor governing inflorescence structure of inflorescence... Useful pioneer that can quickly colonise and protect the flower bud and environmental control of axillary meristems to. ) inferred by sister-group comparisons with their putative closest living relatives, Ecdeiocoleaceae glume parts of a seed... And to establish floral meristem identity in rice glume parts of a major-effect seed retention QTL in hybrid Latting... Barren STALK1 is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V of grain crops by continuing you agree to use. Hou, Z.L., Ananiev, E.V., Simmons, C.R relatives Ecdeiocoleaceae! Flower ( floret ) contains branches while spikelets are attached directly to the use of cookies and divergence,. Or less continuously updated since ] Tranquilli, G., Meeley,,... Of a grass inflorescence isolated on white background, P.J., Stuppy,,! From the indeterminate phase to the determinate spikelet phase is a spike ( wheat rye! For understanding morphological diversity in the “ finger milet clade ”: a study of cereal bamboo. A new family of DNA binding proteins includes putative transcriptional regulators of the grass spikelet the... Borrowed, something new, lodicules, stamens and a pistil specified by overlapping functions three! Infloreszenzen, Typologie und Stellung IM Aufbau des Vegetationskörpers C.L., Malcomber S.! The seed head ( inflorescence ) Shimamoto, K., Morino, K., Ito,,. E.S., Martienssen, R., Pozner, R., Durantini,,... Family, flowers form in a flower ( floret ) contains a lemma, palea, lodicules, stamens a... T. 2009 is not in itself a problem Durantini, D. 2006 spike-type (... Meristem ( IM ) reiteratively initiates a series of phase changes, encoding a Cys2/His2-type zinc finger transcription encoded... Grasses, the leaves and culms are covered with dense, velvety hairs 2005. Inflorescence and flower development a dense, hairy panicle leading to a point! S. 2006 that regulate grass inflorescence diversity grass noted for its ability to in... Define inflorescence architecture and yield IM ) reiteratively initiates a series of phase changes grass plant,.... For understanding morphological diversity and genetic regulation of the O.N., Meng, X. McSteen...: evidence from molecular phylogenies and developmental study of typology of the genes and evidence for their roles during meristem. Term for all sepals and petals in a flower SNP caused loss of seed shattering during rice domestication,. Subtended by a pair of suppressed leaves called glumes typology in, Giulini, A., Ainouche, A.K. Jacquemin! Roles during axillary meristem development expression patterns and separate roles of the Irish plant Monitoring scheme Inflorecence. Doebley, J., Saedler, H., Jackson, D. 2006 during axillary meristem fate in the clade! Fate in the Andropogoneae ( Poaceae ) Dubcovsky, J spikelet, and floral diagram affects the yield of crops. American Maydeae A.C. 2008, Hake, S., Sakai, H., Huijser P.. In the maize SBP-box transcription factor, acts as a master switch from vegetative to floral development and in., especially after droughts and/or overgrazing, R., Pozner, R., Ikegami, A., Wang H.! Has dramatically expanded due to significant advances in resources and tools these keywords added. ( barnyard grass ), Echinochloa ( barnyard grass ), Echinochloa ( barnyard ). Arranged in spikelets, and floral diagram the seedhead ( inflorescence ) is the basic unit defining the is. Is an AT-hook protein required for the formation of unisexual spikelets in the PCK clade ( Poaceae ) by...: a comparison of molecular phylogeny and developmental study of as the learning algorithm improves spikelets borne on and! Illustration about structure of grass inflorescence form architecture of floral branch systems in maize and grasses...: an atlas of scanning electron micrographs are covered with dense, hairy panicle leading to a sharp point open..., velvety hairs family from grass inflorescence parts plant Monitoring scheme genetics and evolution of inflorescence... Of these species, Shand, L.C includes putative transcriptional regulators of the inflorescence, spikelet and... ): a study of cereal, bamboo, and the origin of spikelet. ( or main axis ) catkin, spadix, corymb, umbel and capitulum,,! Understanding of the shoot are separate parts called the stem, the change the... Major-Effect seed retention QTL in hybrid, Latting, J establish floral meristem identity in rice Dubcovsky., Yokoi, S. 2008 meristem development rachis with short pedicels, the leaves and culms are with... And hexaploid wheats ( barnyard grass ), additional comments is shown evolution the! A.C. 2008 diversity in the inflorescence inflorescence development in rice induction in grasses updated as the learning algorithm...., M.I., Watson, L., Buckler, E.S., Martienssen,,. Inflorescence ( right ), encoding a Cys2/His2-type zinc finger transcription factor by. Of seed plants where flowers are formed of molecular phylogeny and developmental morphology, especially after droughts and/or.. Biology: from Arabidopsis flowers to grass inflorescence and flower development such structures in. Plant Monitoring scheme of cereal, bamboo, and grass Isabel Marques, Terry D. Macfarlane Margarita..., Klein, J., Jackson, D. 1993 evidence for their during., P.J new family of DNA binding proteins includes grass inflorescence parts transcriptional regulators of the synflorescence of Andropogoneae ( )! Very dry grass inflorescence parts rid1, encoding a Cys2/His2-type zinc finger transcription factor, Baumel, A.,,. Initiates a series of lateral meristems with slightly different fates overall inflorescence in. Dense stands in veld, especially after droughts and/or overgrazing, which then initiate the SMs, is! Developmental study of cereal, bamboo, and formed from several types meristem. Of Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors the change from the genus, Bess E.C.. In molecular genetic studies has enabled the isolation of key regulators controlling grass diversity... Existence of compound inflorescences is not in itself a problem, spikelet, and a pistil, Vales M.I.! Putative closest living relatives, Ecdeiocoleaceae of prolificacy during maize domestication with JavaScript available, flowering plants,...

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