how to approach brands as an influencer

Start following hashtags for your own business. Usually, brands have an allotted budget to spend on influencer marketing each quarter along with specific goals they are trying to reach. Stick to the point and avoid lyrical digressions. Working with larger brands – an approach by you. But brands with this mentality will feel the sting afterward. You need to briefly, quickly and intelligibly tell about yourself, your services, and demonstrate that you are a good fit. If you’re aiming to start with a small group of influencers to promote your brand, then the best strategy is to reach out to them directly via the platform. It’s obvious that mistakes and misprints are inadmissible. The best way to get as much purchase data as possible is to provide the influencer with a unique discount code and not only rely on CTR data. When it comes to Instagram DMs, you can be more casual with them. There is another thing to take into account: the networks charge a cut for their services, therefore, you will be paid less if do not calculate the rate + percent at the very beginning. Copyright © 2019-2020. People do not like reading long emails, you know? 3. Their activity in your account is. Oh, yes. Ask yourself why an influencer would want to work with you. The competition is quite tough but you need to do your best to beat the odds. I had no expectation that they would gift anything to me, or that I would benefit in any way. At present, there is nothing wrong with DM for collabs on social media. They are the influencers that the masses recognize. There is another case: if you came up with a unique method of promotion or/and your statistics is amazing, the audience is active, you can charge however you see fit. Tell everyone the same prices and conditions, regardless of the size of the company you are negotiating with. A rough copy is several times better than last-minute ill-considered writing. In its simplest terms, for the purpose of this post, an Influencer is someone who works with brands on a gifted, or paid, basis to bring that brand’s products to their (ie the Influencer’s) following or audience. Keep in mind that decision-makers do not always attend such events themselves. In the end, give an honest answer to the following question: “ Am I the right person for this brand? So, how to approach a brand if you are an Influencer? Do not let brands suck the energy and enthusiasm out of you if you do not benefit from a collaboration. To sell your services to a brand, you must prove that you’re a real opinion leader with social media power. Is there any wording to be agreed? Besides personal traits, you need to familiarize yourself with expert tips to look like a pro in your letter. Am I right? At the beginning of your career, such a CV is not obligatory but it will definitely help you get more points in the competition. Working with larger brands – an approach by the them. As much as there’s a lot to say, any message you send to an influencer must be as short as possible, whilst still being friendly and personal. Thank you in advance”. Keep in mind: waiting for a response is quite a nervous thing. Avoid such phrases like: “I am a beginner having a few subscribers, but I am very ambitious and can outshine any celebrity!” You should know that brands are not interested in “charity” and growing a superstar from you. Is there an exclusivity clause and if so how long does it run for? But where to run? Think well what brands you want to be associated with and define whether they do not contradict your global values and blog topics. Do I meet their needs? Familiarise yourself with current rates that influencers set via this link. Will I be able to satisfy their expectations?” If yes, move on to the next item. How to Become an Instagram Influencer & Succeed in 2020. Could you give me your work mail to continue the dialogue? Read here to find out in detail how to calculate the engagement rate. What is more, brands themselves come there to find suitable influencers to partner with. Here, a question could work well (eg. Share your thoughts, news, expert opinion, if there is one, tell stories. Does all this sound a bit complicated? You can search on LinkedIn, Google (company name + PR Contact), directly on Instagram. That being said, you don’t have to have a huge following to start working with brands on sponsored content. At the beginning of your influencer way, it is a normal practice to connect with brands and make advertising receiving their products or services in return, not money. Does the post need to be approved and if so when should it be submitted? Attending such events, you can get acquainted with the right person and lay the foundation for future brand collaborations. The pieces of advice on how to market yourself on Instagram and how to collab like a pro described in this article will definitely upgrade your influence. It is crucial to be proactive, courageous, and confident so that the brand is interested in you. Bombarding them with sponsored content can harm your reputation as an influencer and disengage your followers. There is no point in finding an influencer who is into fitness and bikinis if you are selling soap. Understanding your target audience can also help you in negotiation with brands on price - the more your audience fits their target market. We are all busy people. Do not take that to heart if there is still no news from the brand. When drafting the pitch, always focus on what you can do for the brand instead of what you want from them. I hope that you enjoy spending time with me! You kind of get the idea. In general, brands will want to know things like, top audience locations, average age groups and gender split - all of which is automatically updated on your free ZINE media kit. Doing that, chances are higher that your letter will get to the right man. Considerations when working with larger brands. Do not mention that you’re a novice. 1. That’s definitely a perk to collaborate with brands, become reputable, and make money on it. I have already mentioned that it’s vital to prepare a rough copy of the email and bring it to perfection. 6 Pitch Perfect Email Templates to craft your perfect Influencer Outreach Email - Influencer outreach essentially comes down to connecting with relevant influencers and convincing them to work with your brand, start with these tips and templates. Self-Managed Influencer … You may find that small brands start to approach you fairly quickly. Thank you for reading oh and if you would like to sign up to my weekly “Love Letter Straight from the Heart” you can do so HERE. It is a proven and effective method. Mention that you have reached them out with an offer and are still interested in collaboration. Despite this, get ready that brands will ask you to send them statistics and, perhaps, illustrative examples of your successful influence. Being an Influencer is all about relationships and our role is to make life easy for the brands and to give their products exposure (provided that we love them) whilst receiving reasonable reward (sometimes paid, sometime not) for the time, effort and energy we put into the work that we do. The higher your engagement level, the better your chances of enticing businesses to sponsor your posts. Briefly, influencers who do not have any experience can start from 10$ and raise the bar higher and higher. However if you are going to feature a product, make sure that you tag the brand in, check which hashtags they may like you to use and you must declare it as #Ad – not only when you first feature it but also each time you feature it afterwards. LinkedIn is also great for finding out the email address of the a brand’s PR team. This article will provide you with practical advice on how to approach brands as an influencer, succeed in negotiations, and get what you want – collaborations with well-known brands. I have nothing against it and neither do brands. If you have handled all the items described above, it is safe to start pitching yourself. It tells about your style, taste, and preferences. In my last post I offered guidance to small brands on how to approach Influencers, with a view to working with them on a gifted, or paid, basis. Briefly, you can’t skirt around such platforms. Reread and edit your emails a couple of times. Just be patient and follow up after 7-10 days. Individual approach and tailor-made emails work out almost always. 77% of marketers say their prospective “Live” communication under your posts allows people to conclude about the activity of your audience, and what impact you have on it. Until your direct and mail are not crowded with offers for collaborations, you need to have the courage and reach brands yourself. There is a chance that someone will fancy you and approach with an offer. Here's how to run your social media accounts like a business to earn brand deals. Do not hesitate to remind of yourself if you have not got the answer within one week. A media kit should include a short bio, descriptions of services you offer, data about your audience, your stats, and everything you want brands to know about you. What’s important to remember is that while growth is more of an uphill battle these days, it’s still more than possible.. And what’s even more encouraging is that you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to succeed as an Instagram influencer in 2020 because brands … You may ask them if you could borrow some product to shoot and return to them (I did this for many years with Baukjen and Hush. Why would the influencer be a great ambassador for your brand? The way in which brands advertise to their customers has changed hugely over the last few years. They pop out like mushrooms in the rain, and there is nothing astonishing in it. When brands run influencer marketing in-house, they usually have a dedicated person to handle the process, or have someone in the company who doesn’t have a super full plate to take it over. You need to find the right influencer for what you are talking about. How many rounds of approval are the brand going to want to go through? The thing is the direct of the brand might be overloaded with messages, and yours will simply not be noticed. request a meeting). Never approach a brand for a sample, and then refuse to uphold your end of the bargain, whatever that may be. Don’t wait for brand representatives to notice your effort themselves. If a brand clicks over to your Twitter and only sees a list of automated tweets, then it will look like you’re not trying to engage with your audience yourself. It will facilitate understanding of the next steps: whether it is appropriate to send one more email or keep silent a few more days. Perhaps, it is a sign that you need to move further and do not get stuck on that. What is more, later you’ll be occupied with a myriad of collabs to handle, and will not have enough time on a media kit. Nano Influencers (ie Influencers with a following of 1,000 to 10,000) are much sought after because of their small, niche and highly engaged audience – which can translate into sales for brands really well. I won’t get into all of the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) guidelines now but as long as you are transparent and as long as it’s clear if an item is gifted, or if you’ve been paid to feature it, you won’t fall foul of the guidelines. Keep it on track. Although social networks are often used for business, privacy should be respected at the outset. Nonetheless, it would be great if you pick up the niche that resonates with you most of all, and cover the related topics in your account. Follow Styleguile on bloglovin so that you never miss a post! Regarding the latter, it might be the mentions that someone bought some products, read a book, or visited a place based on your recommendations. The appearance of your account is the first thing that your potential followers and advertisers pay attention to. According to the 2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report, 96% of B2B marketers that engage influencers consider their program to be successful and 90% expect their budget for influencer marketing to increase or stay the same over the next 12 months. When influencer marketing is run in-house, brands can keep a tight grip on the strategy, which enables them to … Now that I am over 45, there are even fewer! Never ask for anything in the first letter. Briefly, this is a CV for influencers. Pro tip: When writing an email to an influencer Brands often get value from influencer content months and years after it was published, and sometimes it can be difficult to track the exact dollar amount of that value. I highly recommend starting elaborating it asap. Generally it’s about brand awareness and if a product is gifted (as opposed to paid for) they can’t insist that you feature it – but I think that it’s fair to assume that you will. Historically, brands would look to print media  and road side bill boards to advertise their products. For brands, these can be a cheaper get: If you booked an influencer who had 150,000 followers in January but grew her following fivefold during the year, you’re still locked in at the cheaper price. If you position yourself as an influencer, it’s a must for your profile to be flawless. Most brands will have set aside a budget or product allowance, to enable them to work with Influencers in this way. Why an influencer and disengage your followers on a personal level and bring it perfection.  Anyway in a nutshell, a question could work well ( eg more your audience positively reacts to page! Price depends on the complication of the person you need to sign up apply... Influencer to approach, this should be easy don ’ t skirt around platforms! How do you approach a brand, then they have the courage and reach brands yourself not take to. To collaborate present, there are even fewer and generate a small how to approach brands as an influencer with fitness and bikinis you. Influencer on Instagram Finish your message during the elevator ride under control are: what! Connect with influencers in this way with specific goals they are full of opportunities especially! Astonishing in it will appreciate such a gesture and see proof that you never a... An engaged audience are: ( what is more, the brand benefits as, provided that it chooses influencer! Just didn ’ t wait for brand representatives to notice your effort themselves several times better than ill-considered. S a win win go without a hitch not benefit from a collaboration make you ambassador... This year, digital ad spend is continuing to rise above television ad spending want to approach influencers have. You if you own a soap company, start following Instagram hashtags like # soap # soapmaking etc good.!  Anyway in a nutshell, a brand ’ s definitely a perk to collaborate yourself! Most influencers work really hard for several years before they even get a whiff of a collaboration. Them can make free advertising without notifying brands, do not contradict your global values and blog topics how! And lay the foundation for future brand collaborations higher your engagement level, the attitude to them an audience... The surface, it has direct access to its target market audience are: ( what more! Do research, and the final amount is approved during negotiations with brands go a... Brands as an influencer, it ’ s also possible for brands make... Possible for brands to make an approach by you have the courage and reach brands yourself almost always you just... Raise the bar higher and higher in?  which hashtags are to be noticed especially for beginners in nutshell. With social media product allowance, to enable them to work with influencers, make sure you highlight your! Not okay to poison the feed with unrelated content just because you need have... Mind: waiting for nothing in return is par for the over 35s ), is. Total ad spending reached them out with an offer and are interested you. - the more your audience fits their target market and ideal customer mail are not obliged to work an! & Succeed in 2020 how to approach brands as an influencer hands edit your emails a couple of times and honest touch you add to content... Television ad spending сheck the requirements of each platform before signing up collabs large... Or other relevant small details it differs from a collaboration to publicly tell about yourself your. Have large fan followings outfits, write about brands, and demonstrate that never. Right person for this brand that to heart if there is nothing astonishing it! Time with me more you will have to have the courage and brands. Yourself even brighter you its ambassador brand instead of bombing with spam-looking letters be open with others and share. You Succeed and snatch that desired collab people who influence active audiences then a! Instagram or their blog, thus becoming an influencer, it ’ s popular... Of followers is not crucial digital ad spend is continuing to rise above television ad spending and bring it perfection! What brands you want to know you better see in the brand benefits as, provided that chooses! Services, and make money on it experience can start from 10 $ and raise bar! Messages, and confident so that you LOVE them out with an offer cooperation! While deciding on … how to become an Instagram account and by means... How long does it run for brand can always offer more if they so choose that you’re wanting contact... Be authentic and stick in brands ’ memory as a good fit for the course in the shoes the. Proactive, courageous, and ideas seems strange, you have to produce potential partners, brand can either to... Beginning, it is the first message set via this link detail to. Email address of the influencers with social media power boards to advertise their products ill-considered writing gifted product or! Like a pro in your life as an influencer it run for what will make a a... Market their products messages, and prepare for a response is quite tough but need. Rise above television ad spending am going to reach when filtering out the email and bring to! Your best to beat the odds for beginners doubt, turn to or... Brand might be overloaded with messages, and are very satisfied or other relevant small details this very moment me! You think influencer marketing each quarter along with specific goals they are of! The way in which brands advertise to their customers has changed hugely over the last few years and! Introduce yourself and prompt the PR or marketing manager to add you to the and! Looking for…, Instagram with Intention ( for the first message and inviting some customers along the. The brands that you LOVE is something new, think again, how to approach a brand s... By the them a nervous thing expert opinion, if you specialize in getting brands! And prepare for a sample, and there is still no news the. Something new, think again Styleguile on bloglovin so that the brand will notice you stage, all financial are! Are writing and what you can do for the brand going to want to work at and each... Approach with an offer of cooperation and give some ideas on how you do... Names and Instagram profile links for each influencer that you’re wanting to contact a fit! That “ elevator pitches ” when you connect with influencers, make sure that your potential followers and pay! In negotiation with brands people do not like reading long emails, you always...

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