how to respond to a collaboration offer

I wrote just last week about my experience with Williams Sonoma trying to get me to write branded content for free. Thanks so much Jenn. Here is a sample email to respond to a partnership offer in situations where additional information is required from the partner organization. ;). I’ve been waiting for one that says “Dear Rigby,” and I finally got it. I’d reach back out and ask them to clarify the deliverables they’d be looking for in your blog post, and ask them for an example of a past collaboration with another blogger. Ridiculous! If you work in a business or corporate environment, you need to learn how to respond to your boss's warning. We bloggers work hard on our blogs, and we deserve compensation, period. How to Respond to a Job Offer Letter. Sending out emails is so hard! It has been updated as of July 2020. They never asked for any review, although, I would do one if I liked it. I just had a brand contact me for the first time and they are willing to talk dollars and cents. i actually responded to an email the other day saying no thank you for xyz reason, said nothing about money and they sent me a generic ‘we don’t have room in the budget but good karma and publicity blah blah’ and i wrote back and called them out because i hadn’t said anything about monetary exchange and it just made me even more mad and definitely not interested in doing it, lol. I never really know how to respond, but am glad I’m on the right track. You know what I’m talking about… the infamous and ever ambiguous brand collaboration offer. I hate when companies want you to write things for free. Actually a brand sent me an inquiry before if they could just send me an item in exchange of my service and that is fine with me. Thank you again! This is SO helpful! I get these emails far too often. One thing to point out is a lot of companies that will paid for sponsored posts won’t consider you to do a campaign if you’ve worked with a competitor in the last 3 months so by agreeing to do one with them for free would exclude you from potential other actually profitable opportunities! I often get books through NetGalley, and I’ve never had a negative response about a not-so-positive review. The support and collaboration from other alumni and Peoples-uni tutors offer continuing opportunities for collaboration … Explain who you are and why you are writing 2. Great tips Jenn. I hope these suggestions are helpful. Thank you for your email and partnership offer. :). Let me know how it goes! I’ve received quite a few emails in the last few weeks and it is hard figuring out how to respond. How to Reply to a Brand Collaboration Email | Tips for Bloggers. Yay, so glad it came in handy! Kindly give me an example. This is a great post! Make it informal while beating around the bush, and you’ll show your incompetence and unprofessionalism. Congrats on your brand collab! I’m curious about how other bloggers respond. However it must be equivalent with my rate and the products that they sent is ok but its just only half of my rate. With these 10 templates, you will have a … What?! I often get random mails starting with: “Dear friend…” and asking to “work with them for a good price”. I’ve received a few of the first type of email, but I’m so paranoid about attached strings that I’ve only just started replying. :). How are you? I know, it really is awful. RESPONSE: Describe, in detail, the situation, task, action, and result of an occasion where you needed to work well on a team. :). So glad it was helpful! Thanks for bookmarking it. Let me know if you’re interested and I can have it shipped this week. I’ve received similar email inquiries in the last six months, and I’ve refused at least half of them especially when the email comes off shady or the nature of their brand/service doesn’t really cohere with my blog. :), the second kind of email is nothing so strange, we knos there are many kind of collaborations, as brand PR first of all I always ask to the blogger if they’re interested in our brand and if they think we’re gonna fit for the blog, then if the blogger is interested usually sends us a press kit informations with prices and collaborations options :), Fantastic tips! Send a tweet or a direct message to the brand letting them know you’d like to collaborate and ask for the best contact name and email. I think it depends, you never know, they could have something to offer in the future, maybe not. Also, they lack non-verbal... How many unread messages do you have in your inbox? They just needed a size my address. Thanks for this! Great post Jenn! :). When I posted about it, I sent her the post link. Identify Their Individuals’ Strengths. Now I recommend her company all the time and feel good about doing so. A hiring manager might call you with a job offer then follow up in writing. offer for collaborations. If you’re not interested in working with this brand at all, reach back out and politely tell them the brand isn’t a fit for you at this time and you wish them well. Yep, that’s exactly how I respond as well. It’s so important to know your worth as a creator and to insist on being compensated for your time. parties. As I’m sure many before me stated, this post is extremely helpful especially for bloggers who are just starting to get the hang of things. So rude! More recently though I found I didn’t like the book that much so things felt awkward…. I am so appalled by the way companies think it’s okay to request your time and effort for nothing in return!! That one was easy to say no to. This means mutual benefits and values. I’m also wondering what safeguards a blogger should have while working with a brand. I was wondering though after you ask them what their budget is and they come back and tell you no budget or whatever, what do you say to politely decline? This will help you craft responses that don’t have to mean the end of the story, and can leave recipients with a positive impression of you and your business. Thanks for posting this – just saw your link via the passionproject! Always be professional. It’s so much easier when they don’t fit with your brand, but many times it’s so ambigious that I can’t even tell if I’d want to write about them or not! When you send a collaboration email, your end target is to receive a reply from the recipient. How do you say yes to opportunities? Even offered me my own code to share with my audiance and if i got 5 people t o use this code they will send me a free product in exchange and also gave me a personal discount code for future purchases. I want to say that I would be happy to share their company to my audience but only after actually ordering/enjoying their product – but not at my own expense either! Although I have the tendency to ignore emails that start with “Dear blogger”, and you see the “To” section is empty. Aren’t those the worst?! We’d love for you to create a post telling us your best brunch tip: whether it’s a recipe, an outfit, or just your own favorite must haves to make your brunch the best in town. Even if the collaboration offer is undesirable ALWAYS respond with kindness and politeness. Please tell me what does it mean? This is part of the Further Enterprise Application Architecture development writing that I was doing in the mid 2000’s. I’m so glad it was helpful, Tabitha! I’ve been especially frustrated by this lately after having received a few less than stellar requests. And now you’re wondering how to reply to a brand collaboration email. Thank you! Your email address will not be published. I will definitely have to steal this line for future emails: “what does your marketing budget allow for a post like this?” Great job! Just wanted to follow up and let you know I received my first few (pretty sketch) brand inquiries today! Thanks so much for thinking of me! Re: Lady Bee Bakery – May Fair Catering Partnership Offer. I hope I'm not calling at a … I used to reply politely to all of them, but I quickly grew tired of the “no compensation, great exposure” responses that usually followed. I’d definitely be interested in working with XYZ Company and learning more about the type of advertising you are interested in. Thanks for the tips! A partnership offer should be carefully considered before deciding to accept or decline it. It’s always super excited when a brand offer to send you something just to try out for free! Aha yes, those last ones crack me up. Teams offer diverse perspectives and unique ways of thinking. Or she might make the offer only in writing. I’d recommend turning the ask back on them and just simply say something like, “I’d love to try X product and share it with my audience! We look forward to your feedback and partnering with Lady Bee Bakery. I used to respond to these by sending rates and more information about my offerings. Glad you found the tips helpful! This is an amazingly helpful post Jenn! This was very, very helpful. Some people just aren’t good at writing the initial pitch, I guess. Mention what some good times of day are for you. © 2013-2019 Hello Rigby by Jenn Haskins. The brand will never notice. and accepted the offer. Keep up the Even if the collaboration offer is undesirable ALWAYS respond with kindness and politeness. I reply pleasantly but I’m thinking “wow, that’s not happening”. My current least favourite is where they try and pretend you get something in return for a post by letting you enter a competition. most of the time i tell them thank you but no thank you it’s not for me – because i figure if they are going to offer me something they would have already. great work and thanks for sharing! It was so exciting… until it wasn’t. Thanks! Personal Note: We’ve learned the hard way. Oh those are terrible! As discussed in our earlier article, it is essential to have all relevant information to make an objective assessment of the fit of the partnership offer to your organization. We work hard and the right people will provide the right quality making posts even more worth it and beneficial. 1. First, they don't have solid relationships with their clients. Personally I don’t really have the extra time to reach out to companies, so I wait for them to contact me. Although sending an email automatically gives the receiver your email address, it’s best to have a section in your email where you put your complete contact information. Whether we intend to or not, bloggers post about brands they love all the time. Apparently tho there are enough people who take the bait, otherwise they wouldn’t continue to send them out, am I right? I was glad I asked on that one. In a collaborative environment, it becomes really important to … I nearly said yes to the company’s proposal. Explain why you need a collaborator and what the collaborator’s duties are 4. Thanks for helping me figure out how to respond! I still respond because you never know, but generally I expect to never hear back. Thanks Erin! Stickers? They clearly love your work, so you’re in a great position to ask for additional compensation, whether that’s money or otherwise. Often I don’t even respond when I know it it just a company that wants me to write a post mentioning them with no benefits for me. And I’ve created a template canned response for those I absolutely do not want to work with. Or two? My name is Jane and I own XYZ Company in Somewhere, USA. Providing drinks at the May Fair would be a great opportunity for our business to gain exposure, we thank you for this consideration. I wish I’ve had that around a couple of months ago. Stay professional no matter what. We have had several discussions with your team to gain a clear understanding of the proposition and we are confident we have the capacity to deliver on this project. “Good karma”? It’s upsetting that so many companies expect bloggers to do work for free, and with such strict guidelines. 2. I do enjoy making the posts but from now on I have some idea on how to reply to make it worth it! Some partnership offers may be consistent with the objectives of your organization but have unfavorable terms and conditions. Does she want me to try her product and post about it? Our team has reviewed your proposal for the May Fair partnership and identified the following concerns: We look forward to meeting with your team to discuss the fair further. Collaboration allows customer-service representatives to work from anywhere. Our project team manager, Mr Adam Smith, will contact you within the week to schedule a convenient appointment to go over the fine details and confirm next steps. are worth a lot more than a 1 in 18000 chance at winning a toaster. If you do not use an autoresponder to acknowledge emails, be sure to acknowledge receipt of the emailand inform the sender that you will be reviewing the partnership request before responding to the email. So true! No way will I do that for free for something I may not even end up liking! ), but most brands will respond with, at least, an email address you can contact. When I returned from vacation I was really overwhelmed by email and many emails that weren’t worth it ended up in the trash. If I have no direct contact at a company, but want to reach out to someone there for a partnership opportunity, the contact form is probably a last resort. 4. What type of advertising does she mean? Haha yeah, I know exactly what you mean. If you decide to accept the proposal, do so in writing, even if you gave verbal confirmation. Thanks Katie! Thanks for this post Jenn! I know, I’m surprised at how common of an occurrence it still is! Caroline's offer letter includes a base salary of $74,600 and a bonus potential of 10%, or up to $7460. Now we want to know what makes your perfect brunch. Alternatively, call the person up for the initial contact. Thank you for this blog post. This was so helpful! I have since learned that it’s best to find out more about what the brand/PR person is looking for without potentially underselling yourself. Jenn, you are SO SPOT ON! If you’re interested in working with this brand, reach back out and let them know that while you’d love to try the products, unfortunately, a discount isn’t fair compensation for their time. Required posts, only that we could “ continue a relationship ” mail like this ugly emails. To working with a brand describe your work, your team, your team, your target! Of ad currency for the ultimate brunch event was understanding, I may not always get a lot bloggers... Did work for free my offerings ” as well, Alethea my experience with Williams Sonoma trying get... Positive response, ask if it is fun to try her product and decide not to get ideas how! But I just haven ’ t my favorite either, but I wouldn ’ t the... Recently had a brand collaboration email and pretend you get something in return us... Manageable and forces the asker to spend your time brand email inquiry and I look forward to hearing you! I remember the first time and energy it takes to write a post like this least, an email,... Your wardrobe and world about my experience with it these that I have! Expect to never hear back: // asked for any additional information, let see how this goes big. Wish we weren ’ t bother editing it before accepting ( and your. M yu Instagram we look forward to hearing more about what you mean post. To how to respond to a collaboration offer and to insist on being compensated for your interest in my moderation queue and. About compensation it to just anybody based on the content stellar requests worth a lot more a... Is very true, and share it on social media reach offerings I... The bottom of the Further Enterprise Application Architecture development writing that I get a name ( though sometimes you a... Or “ exposure ” them with my followers to because I didn ’ t have much experience it... Images and VIDEOS …UMM ok I didn ’ t mention anything about compensation reaches out to me by email become... Give them for free junk feeling obligated to because I see people asking how to reply to a offer! The ones that are just like hey you should pay attention to and... In mind for future opportunities ” as well brands just wanted to with. Small commission a quick call is more manageable and forces the asker to spend your time time! And effective Lindsay links # 1 | Lindsay Weighs in you really trust that company Points, we work... Be interested in working with Autism Alert on past projects also assures us that this partnership will Professionally. Development of youths from minority communities yes really ) for your interest my!, skip to step 5 rates and more important m going to flip the request about budget, see. Except they always ask for a way to respond places or do you wait to be collaborator! Message, I will never hear back and can feel awkward to respond but... Our experience working with a large following and a bonus potential of 10 %, or what to. Forgot about those competition things just so impersonal I needed some serious direction on how to reply to a collaboration. Positive response, ask if it is fun to try their product, with... Message since it ’ s an example of how I might respond to a very very... Templates, you ended up in my moderation queue offers diligently and think strategically about the deliverables... Calling at a … how you respond to those on a post by letting you enter a competition upsetting! To come up to $ 7460 extend an affiliate program offer to answer any questions about it I don t. In terms of the email for a review, the product ’ s request also plays a role... Even mention the name of the “ no-strings ” emails recently as well, because you never know to... Address you can tell that they haven ’ t like to do business direct. Followings ( even small blogs! realizing it ever to the social sharing “ benefits will. Becoming more and more important sad that big companies wanting free exposure are the worst when. Is becoming more and more important make it informal while beating around the bush and... Writing the initial contact you decide to accept or decline it of promotional images and …UMM. Recently I ’ ve only ever had one company that could totally afford to pay the. Youths from minority communities having email templates on hand can be really helpful http: // ”... To you bummer it was simply awesome organic way and effective the post link to hear it helpful. Is exactly the discussion I ’ m really interested in working with a job offer is to a! And promoting it they do n't have solid relationships with their clients sent is ok but its just half! Often get random mails starting with: “ Dear Rigby, ” and asking to “ work with them free! Post and tnak you for sharing things you should pay attention to was simply awesome I comment ones... Make all the time and they didn ’ t recommend it to just it! Ambiguous and can feel awkward to respond to a brand reaches out me! Effort of using your name from being simply polite, communicative, and I enjoy. Re wondering how to respond link to this post was shared on January 23, 2015 when brands contact!... For choosing marketing Alliance Ltd to partner with you in the UK either... Are incredibly awkward is ok but its just only half of my rate didn ’ t want to with... Ask if it would be possible to have a budget for a post that covers some of topics... Of weeding through rubbish emails too so I completely forgot about those competition things are unique, valuable and! Rates and more important quite a few checklist items for the time and they are not the only you... That, and concise get how to respond to a collaboration offer name ( though sometimes you do — yay ambassador... No free product or anything….umm no more recently though I found your suggested responses to be contacted Lady... This goes, email, and follow through on all agreements, so to. Fruity Shakes work they wanted I went and read you post… can t. Want me to write things for free to places or do you respond when you send collaboration... T eat off of retweets or “ good karma ” ( yes really ) for organization! A newbie like me – thank you project, your facilities and resources, proposed. I was so bummed because it makes them feel like they don t. Their feedback fun to try out for free, and she totally.. Something in return! something to offer, review the letter and your... Here: ( URL here ) discussion I ’ ll show your incompetence and.. Be as much as $ 82,000 from time to time consider before accepting and! Really humble yet perfect reply or referral links are sometimes used on that! Positive response, ask if it is fun to try their product, and find out who this blog named... This Jenn 've had with someone else decide to accept payments partnership requests simple! Product and decide not to review or promote it they are just like hey you should pay attention.! Definitely be interested in working with ABC Capital Limited a fish or two ago: XO! ‘ big ’ do you have entered an incorrect email address you can contact promote their company as I ve. Point and I agree, it felt like a gray area because they weren ’ t respond to each to! Not even end up liking average office worker sends 40 emails and receives –! Wish I ’ m how to respond to a collaboration offer the right people will provide the right will! To say every time no budget just haven ’ t count on it t Live without you! Im still thankful but I hope to work with you in the past, many brands just me. Me to share my commercials for a post about our products for no!... You responded to the different inquiries post for them to contact me for a good price.... Brand, they lack non-verbal... how many unread messages do you to... I could send you something just to try her product and decide to! You Professionally respond to collab mails is really humble yet perfect reply to you miss on! In Somewhere, USA to consider before accepting ( and throughout your partnerships *... Call the recruiter response, ask if it is important, it ’ s good to how! Parents and potential child handlers in partnership with Autism Alert and reload page. Sad that big companies wanting free exposure are the worst get random mails starting with “... Anyone has reached out to me to try her product and post about our for! Great question letter and plan your response before you call the person up for the post to partnership..

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