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Fox’s “Family Guy” said Friday that YouTube star Arif Zahir will be the new voice of one of its most beloved characters, Cleveland Brown. The former longtime white voice actor for Cleveland, Mike Henry … Family Guy has hired Cleveland Brown impersonator Arif Zahir to do the job for real and replace Mike Henry in the role of the Griffins' neighbor. The 26-year-old internet personality will replace voice actor Mike Henry in … Cleveland Brown has found his new voice: The actor Arif Zahir will take over the role of this friendly “Family Guy” neighbor on the Fox animated series. In a June Twitter post, Henry wrote: "It’s been an honor to play Cleveland on Family Guy for 20 years. Arif Zahir has been cast to voice Cleveland for the 19th season come 2021-2022. The YouTube star, 26, was hired in late September to replace Mike Henry as the voice of Cleveland Brown on the animated series. Zahir, a black man, promised Twitter users on Friday that he won't let them down and shared a public statement about his new role Credit: Youtube/Arif Zahir. Voice actor and YouTube star Arif Zahir has revealed the process behind him securing the role of Cleveland Brown on Family Guy. "I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color. "It was a surreal moment. YouTube star Arif Zahir has been announced as the new voice of Cleveland Brown in Family Guy. Family Guy Cleveland Brown actor Arif Zahir. Arif Zahir, a YouTube star with more than 6 million followers, will take over the role of Cleveland Brown on the Fox animated sitcom "Family Guy," according to … Arif Zahir is getting ready for his closeup on "Family Guy." A YouTube impressionist named Arif Zahir will be the new voice of Family Guy's Cleveland after original actor Mike Henry stepped down. "I did an impression of Cleveland [on YouTube] and [producers] mentioned that they had seen that, and they said 'We’d love for you to have your shot at the role,'" Zahir told The New York Post. Credit: Fox/YouTube Family Guy have announced that YouTuber Arif Zahir will voice the role of Cleveland Brown on the show going forward. Arif Zahir, known for his impressions of Cleveland Brown from "Family Guy," has gone from mimicking the character to actually playing him. Sam Barsanti. YouTuber Arif Zahir has been casted as the voice of Cleveland Brown Credit: Youtube/Arif Zahir 5 Mike Henry has stepped down from the role of Family Guy's Cleveland … ... A YouTuber named Arif Zahir is the new voice of Cleveland on Family Guy.

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