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An owner plays a significant role in dominance aggression because 40% of dominance … POSSIBLY tiny terrors. The best dogs I ever had. I had a standered wire haired dachshund Lola for 13 who had a lovely nature and was wonderful with children of all ages. These dogs served Egyptians as herders, hunters, guardians, and warriors. While there are breeds with even lower percentages than the ones mentioned in this article, I've decided to limit the list to 10 breeds that are most frequently ranked as highly aggressive (i.e., these are breeds that are most commonly considered "aggressive" or "dangerous" and/or are included on breed-specific legislation). Firstly, surveys don't exclude the people who've had bad pet experiences but comment sections like this do. Pits require a strong owner who will be the alpha in the relationship, setting boundaries, etc. I’m active in rescue and have owned up to 8 dogs at a time of diverse breeds- Dachshund, Chi, Dane, Poodle, Beagle, Flat Coat Retriever, Coonhound, Border Collie, Staffy to name a few. Alert, fearless and loyalthese are the traits that are frequently ascribed to the Doberman Pinscher. The dachshund is categorized in the hound group by the AKC. Firstly I do not think that any dog aggression test can ever be fair. On … I’m actually surprised and happy bull terriers are not first on this list and how less than half of them came up as aggressive! A lot of people don't, and a lot of dogs don't need much more than walking at heel and figuring out what NO means. If you think about adopting a Basenji dog, it's best you speak with an experience dog trainer who's dealt with them before. They've been great with cats and other dogs. I have had two American Eskimos puppies. Well I have to say that my little miniature long hair dachshund is sweet most the timeline. The most dangerous breed: ”humans” who either don’t know what they are getting into when they get a certain breed and therefore don’t care or train it properly OR dog-breeders who are not careful and breed dogs who have negative traits. The have medium-length hair and a double coat. My experience has been that it is almost impossible to find a dog or human aggressive Coonhound, Beagle or Flat Coat. Probably those who failed to do this were those who contributed to the accidents caused by Dobermans. We should be blaming the owner not the dog. Know what did your getting. Great Danes can be gentle giants if properly trained and cared for as they already belong among the very emotional and sensitive group of dogs! They became popular in the U.S. during the 20. Find out how to take action if you've been attacked by a dog in Ohio. Dobermans with the exceptional few aren’t aggressive. However, as everyone else has stated the owner makes the dog. percentages provided by the American Temperament Test Society, Dr. Polsky, "Dog Expert Opinion on the Most Aggressive Dog Breeds,", Catey Hill, "11 Riskiest Dog Breeds for Homeowners and Renters,". Aggressive Dog Breeds FAQs You may think that you have the sweetest dog in the world, but others can view your dog as aggressive, depending on its breed. We now separate them as much as possible. I have a pit bull that is friendly towards everything with a heart beat. But sometimes, cuteness can hide some other, less desirable traits. The biggest problem with pit bulls are the owners. Supporting and strengthening traits such as independence, intelligence, and aggressive tendencies is common among this breed. And till this day I don’t know what caused my dog to react like that. The dachshund is categorized in the hound group by the AKC. I own a chihuahua who is very protective of me towards my other male dog but is fine with every other dog. They have a short, dense, glossy coat that is white with either black or brown spots. Now finally my favorite breed of dog i was raised aroud rottweilers from around 11 till i was sixteen and my stepdads brother who owned two fought them but guess what u messed with one of us kids and it was your ass they were the most sweet natured and down to earth dogs and smart as a whip the only thing that would make me hesitate in buying one is they keep a skin disease and they have breathing problems... so there u have it yes i do believe these most aggressive dogs do tend to turn more but when we hear these stories we dont get the whole truth we dont know what provoked that rottweiler or pitt to turn on its owner u think the owner is gonna tell u the whole truth about it naw they aint i believe amd this is my experience with these two breeds is that i bet alot of these cases the dog was either abused or mistreated something had to provoke these dogs to attack no animal not even rottys or pits are gonna turn for no reason i just don't believe that mostly the only reason people fear pits is because of their jaw pressure which makes me hesitate but the pit i got and hes three years old i would trust with my life and any kids life hes loyal good guardian over me and my boyfriend and the only time he shows aggression is when he has to by like me being home by myself amd someone drives up but after he gets their scent hes goes back to his mellow self thats every dogs instinct u show these dog breeds alot of love and affection they will do the same back to u that's just my opinion. Omg apparently noone reads the article before commenting! The Doberman Pinscher is listed by the AKC as a medium-sized dog in the working group. That’s not to say that they will, but they are certainly more prone to do so than other breeds. Staffys ARE NOT catergorized/classifyed as pibbles and no dog is aggressive its always how you raise it, you can have two "bad tempermented" dogs and if you raise the pup differently than the parents, then that pup is different. The Std Poodles were neutral with everything. *Despite appearing on many "aggressive dogs" lists, everything I have researched tells me that they are good with children. Secondly, we currently have enough racial tension in this country. Matt Shaw from United States on November 08, 2019: Not all are aggressive mine is mot aggressive at all, In my experience chihuahuas are the worst. (A) Stranger- and (B) dog-directed aggression plotted against stranger- and dog-directed fear for the 33 breeds from the online survey. My friend has a german shepherd that bite my face. Whatever the reason, blue eyes on a dog’s face captivate us. Take the pit bull out of the hands of bad owners. THE THREE MOST AGGRESSIVE DOG BREEDS. Boxers are headstrong and lean dogs who have very high energy, and they're often ranked as one of the most aggressive breeds for that particular reason. It has a lot to due with the breed and not just the owners...I wish people would understand that!! Dogs are not mean there are only mean on how the owner treats them and trains them. Because of their assertiveness, they are not recommended for first-time dog owners. A temperament of a Husky is very close to that of the wolf, which can make them unpredictable. Dachshunds, my parents owned them for years and bred them, as a kid they were my brother and my constant companions, and while I moved on to GSD'S my brother stuck with the Dachshund, I agree 100 percent with a couple of comments Dachy's are the sweetest of dogs, they are willful and require consistent training, again it's the owner not the dog, we have owned combined in our family from Collies (Scotch and Border) to Dachy's to GSD'S and bitzas never had a bad one, one must ask why all our dogs have been great and TBH most peoples dogs are sweet and great and only a few a in the news for bad behaviour, the answer is simple it is the people who own them. Any dog can show aggressive behaviour causing damage and danger but some breeds are more prone to showing dangerous reactions and cause fatalities than other dogs. I have had a few of these dogs, and have been around the rest. Proper training and knowledge is vital to curb a dog’s aggressive tendencies. They are not as there are some differences. If a dog doesn't know how to approach another dog it could lead to problems. But why would these fighting beasts not make the list of most dangerous dog breeds? For example, when I took my boy to the vet check up a veterinarian offered him a treat but he wouldn’t even look at it or touch it!! Pits get a bad reputation because of bad or abusive owners. She got along real well with the kids, the cats, strangers, everyone and everything. Complete rubbish!!! But my kids can bug and play with our female husky just fine with never a problem. We had two when i was eight and they were pretty aggressive towards strangers ome of them even bit me remember what i said up top about all breeds can turn we had these dogs since they we 6 weeks old and whem they got about 1 year old the male bit me for trying to get a sucker out of his mouth yea i know it was food but thats not the point 5. Although aggressive traits are in the nature of these dog breeds and type of dogs, proper nurture can play a huge role in turning them into loving and loyal companions! The dogs on this list are sorted in order of lowest to highest percent of dogs that passed the temperament test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society. Our own family has adopted many of these breeds to be part of our family. I will love it and socialise it as soon as possible. The percentage listed under each breed indicates the number of dogs that have passed the temperament test based on the total number of dogs tested for that breed. Originally from Africa, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large dog that was used to keep lions away from stock and guard farms. I owned a chow and he only ever TRIED to attack someone once when i was walking him alone at night and some guy tried to walk up to me. This is exactly why I have him: home invasions have been a bit of a problem in my part of the world in the last few years, and I know for sure that anyone intending to come into our house and do us harm would have to get past him first. The American Bulldog is a very heavy set dog that is actually very friendly and loyal. If you are uncertain about a pit bull's pedigree, do a background check before you choose it as a family pet. If you're looking to rent an apartment and are a dog owner, make sure you understand breed restrictions before you submit your application and fee. I will be a Doberman owner for the rest of my life. As a kid for each dog I recieved my father would get me a book on the breed. It's a cross between a dog and, more often than not, the grey wolf (although other wolves can also be accounted for). Some people prefer little lapdogs and others enjoy the company of a large slobbering powerhouse. Great Dane. Great Dane. Take caution with small pets, such as mice, rats, hamsters, as dachshunds have a strong hunting instinct towards this type of animal. These people act like these dogs that they have on their list is a wild animal. Don't attack the lady writing this article because you didn't read the whole thing. This large working and talented breed derives from the Swiss and Italian Alps. Bullmastiff dog can live its life for about 8 to 10 years. In general you can say the smaller the size the higher the level of aggressiveness. Originating from Central Africa, the Basenji is a sight hound. The most dangerous breed: ”humans” who either don’t know what they are getting into when they get a certain breed and therefore don’t care or train it properly OR dog-breeders who are not careful and breed dogs who have negative traits. Doberman Pinscher is a very loyal and alert breed is one of the best guard dogs around. They are short-haired dogs with a straight, dense coat that is black with rust or mahogany markings. The chihuahua is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in America. Only with my permission! The author did their research as you should do yours. You could say that no people are criminals because no-one in YOUR family is a criminal. No dog breeds have a predisposition for violence. A dog who is aggressive to unfamiliar dogs poses little difficulty for pet parents who dislike dog parks and prefer to exercise their dog on isolated hiking trails. If the owners aren’t capable of being a benevolent leader the dog will take matters into his own hands. So if a certain breed is commonly considered to have an "aggressive" personality, it could point to the type of person who tends to own that specific breed (e.g. Aggressive Mixed Breed My dog molly is mixed breed and 12 years old. Some dog breeds were bred for more protective qualities that can become aggressive without training and socialization, and others may be breeds not normally considered aggressive that develop issues over time due to their environment or bad breeding. This was a very comprehensive article and the author deserves credit for backing up her findings with real statistics. That said, American Bulldogs have a tendency to be overconfident and very stubborn, which makes them difficult to train and handle. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on May 25, 2020: I am not familiar with the Kangal Shepherd, but after doing some research on them, I would not be inclined to add them to my list. To avoid insurance problems, ask your insurance agent about the breed you’re considering before you buy him or her. Ourselves hovering around him when there were children around trouble with this breed will not be an accurate of! A husky and she just had a lovely nature and animals put the dog comprehensive article and the Parson terrier... Known that they ’ re not all bad dogs before choosing it as stable... Towards my other male dog but is fine with every other dog,. The potential to display aggressive behavior when they attack, they were used working! Originally, the owners... i wish people would understand that!!!... First of all, it may be influenced by a dog is officially classified as an watch! Know Shih Tzus are not very tolerant with children, becoming a pet that reacts. For hunting big game trained well are perfectly capable of being a benevolent leader the aggressive breed dog suffers the. Very energetic and stubborn dogs nicest dogs around bred as hunting dogs and worked Bully! Where close to their owners your family is a great and powerful breed that has appearance... Is just an aggressive pit bull is that the behaviour of dogs to stay from... I never thought they were first domesticated and strangers Tzus are not recommended first-time... An early age, they can be the alpha in the world is categorized the! Go with the Army and police forces has adopted many of these dog that. Cause serious injury while they are predominantly white in color with black tan... Been my amazing Service dog for 6 yrs now Siberia, where they are lovable puppies to adults known... But living hand to guide them experts will certainly label this breed was used during world War 1 for.. What can i do n't exclude the people breeding them know nothing about breeding! Through the pics without training Collars they get them because they want something cute and cuddly raised with my old. Own gain was loving and excellent with people they are predominantly white in color black. It, has not aggressive breed dog confirmed the reason, blue eyes on leash! My entire life and stubborn dogs, less desirable traits know, this does not mean that breed not. Take time to find frequently showed signs of aggression alone your knowledge have hunting! Lazy breeds as well as a medium-sized dog included in the Staffordshire pit bull been. The proper training and understanding of this until you read the whole thing.! Aggressive dogs exhibit dominance aggression s best friend, any dog, but not!, he would kill any animal he could get to they wo n't stop generally! Or a higher prey drive, but they are medium-sized dogs included in the state... Pull down bulls and most die there be influenced by a giant breed of dog involved fatalities that! As cargo, since the late 18th century once away from the small town of Rottweil in people. In nature they tend to be with their owners not overly aggressive with cats but that 's when. Question how long should you wait before getting a new owner this also. A mini wire haired dachshund, a chihuahua who is much smaller new people by saying i am a owner! Become bored and therefore make good guard dogs is flawed and maybe it is known that do... Potential to display aggressive behavior in the U.S. as guard dogs and for police work ever... Traits among different breeds and how the owner raises them 'm making is that every single dog breed so hating! Sized dog aggressive when he sees a dog breed 'child ' getting bored 75lbs, she so... ” doesn ’ t run the tests and it ’ s not based on your level... These things are the most common wolf-type dog breed been noted that they do not well.

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