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Meet In-Person. The way this is set up means no heads up and no ability to negotiate a time that works for both of you, even if it’s only something as small as a 30 minute difference. Also, when it comes to being a bit late, on Rover you just shoot a text to the owner and you’re good. for the most part you will see owners tip $2 on a 30 minute walk, With Wag, you filled out a moderately long questionnaire, when owners go to book a walker on Rover, they will message several walkers, With Wag, you get automated text messages mentioning that you are late, and they become more frequent and anxiety-inducing the later you are, This tendency can be a good or bad thing, depending on your schedule, The worst case is when an owner cancels on you just before you hit the “On My Way” button. Every time you send a picture to the owner, you also have the chance to display those photos on, A side hustle doesn’t have to be a part-time job or mowing lawns in your neighbor. You might not know the size of dog until after you read the notes, where it might say “DOG IS ENORMOUS AND PULLS SUPER HARD”. For Wag, Response Time is how quick you can open up the app to accept a walk as soon as it pops up. While it is the same offering that Wag provides, it’s so new and less known for both owners and walkers that there are very few walks offered each day. 1. Rover doesn’t have this feature, and in several instances where I was 5 minutes behind schedule I would receive a text from the owner asking if I was going to be there to walk their dog today… As a result, I now manually text owners on Rover that I am on the way, and it works like a charm. There’s regular Rover, which is the service that allows you to book dog walks and boardings, and then there’s their on-demand/Quick Match service which is essentially their version of Wag. When you book dog walking services on Rover, you'll be able to connect with a dog walker who's a good fit for you, your dog, and your lifestyle. In the context of this post, Rover should really be broken up into two different apps. This is a great way for people to see what you like to do as well as the quality of your service. It’s easy and really fun to do, if you enjoy working around animals. Search Dog Walkers. They've also completed a general background check. Have any other questions about the differences between Wag and Rover? You know much about the dog you are walking ahead of time because you likely got all of the information you needed during the Meet and Greet you did. latina teen masturbates and sucks a big dick.xvideos. You’ll pick up a walk, and when you go to head out to it and hit “On My Way” you’ll gain access to the notes. 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Walk Dogs for Wag. I’m Tom. Best dogwalking app. They also enjoy learning about you as a person, but also as a dogsitter. Ultimately, Wag is not flexible and Rover is flexible as long as you don’t abuse it. Originally I wasn’t too fond of this required action on the Wag app, but now I’ve come to really like it. With Wag, you can only edit a short paragraph about yourself, so it’s hard to stand out other than having lots and lots of ratings. Book and pay securely. I honestly hate walking my dog lol. For you Rover walkers, before you scoff at the idea of walking for Wag because of the high commission they take– stick around. The, During each service, make sure to take plenty of pictures as well as keep track of each time the animal poops, pees, and drinks water. The dog walking map works with the Rover Card, a feature that allows dog walkers to track and share information with pet owners about pee, poo, food, and water activity during the walk.The map feature tracks the walker… When it’s close to your scheduled walk time on Wag, they have you estimate your ETA and hit a button that sends a message to the owner stating that you are on your way. It’s also a great way to ask the owner any specific questions that you might have that are better asked in person, than through text. The best part of the Rover app is that it’s completely safe and the company always makes sure that everyone is satisfactory of the service that they receive. The owners receiving a notification that you an en-route brings them peace of mind and confirmation that you will be there as scheduled. Despite the financial differences, it all comes out in the wash, meaning you should absolutely be on both apps! You just have to listen and don’t mind mentioning your side hustle to them. A little bit of user education on Wag’s behalf would probably prevent some of this from happening. Are you ready to start a side hustle that could make you some extra cash? Your dog walker can share real-time photo updates via the Rover dog walking app, and with the app's cashless payment feature you'll be able to compensate your dog walker quickly and safely - no need for cash, checks or tips. Now there is the possibility of someone not tipping at all, and unfortunately that is pretty common, but it tends to even out with the other dog owners that are very generous and tip $4 for a 30 minute walk. Meet and Greets are when you get to meet the dog and their owner before doing any walks, and it’s usually at their home. With Rover, if you do abuse it the dog owner will probably look for a new walker…. Then I typically fill in the blanks of my schedule to fit in different opportunities to dog sit or dog walk on the, After completing your profile, I highly recommend that you allow some of your past customers submit a review for you. That minus Rover’s 20% commission means you’ll get $16 per 30 minute walk. And if you ask me, it’s the best dog walking app to make money. In all likelihood, you heard about Wag from a Facebook … Thanks for stopping by! You’ll find that the rivalry between both companies is obviously apparent, much like the one between Uber and Lyft. Fill out the basic information, such as what services you want to provide (see below) and why you would be great at them! Optional: schedule an optional in-person Meet & Greet. Rover is a bit trickier because you are likely walking the same dog on a daily or several times a week basis. [bctt tweet=”Consistently giving great service time after time will keep ur customers coming back 4 more.” username=”uniquelymickie”]. So– when Rover mentions they have an on-demand service for walkers to use, keep in mind that there’s not much business on it (yet). If you have a Monday – Friday walk at 10AM, and you have a dentist appointment that you need to go to at the same time it’s usually pretty easy to contact the owner to see if they are cool with you coming an hour early or an hour late. Tap Get Started to fill out your profile. Of course they could leave you a cash tip, but that is not very common. Last year I did over 1,000 walks on Wag and Rover and without doing so intentionally the amount of walks I did on each were almost perfectly even. I’ve found that once you get a few of these rolling in you can quickly break away from your competition and really stand out on Rover’s search algorithm. Even for something as small as seeing if you can move the walk back or ahead 30 minutes is particularly difficult to do. If you need extra cash and love hanging out with dogs, on-demand dog walking jobs may be a good job for you. The app really makes sure that the pet owners and the sitters are safe at all times during the process. It can be as simple as watching or walking other people’s animals in your spare time between college classes. No coordinating and confirming appointments. With these software startups, things change rapidly, so I’m sure the process has changed, but here’s what it was like to get onto both Wag and Rover a little over a year ago: With Rover, you just created an account, filled in your profile details, and then requested a few endorsements from friends or previous clients. From what I can tell, the reason Wag doesn’t want walkers to have access to the notes before choosing to request an available walk is because if walkers see notes that might deter them from picking up a walk, that might cause a dog not to be booked at all. The Rover website will actually show future customers your star ratings, your reviews, and how many repeat customers that you have. Rover owners tend to be good about maintaining their personal calendars, so they will let you know if they are working from home on an upcoming Tuesday or if a holiday is coming up and they won’t need you to come by. With Rover, cancellations are a rarity, and that’s usually because the owners will have you modify the booking on your end if they need to cancel. The Rover app suggests about 4-5 reviews at the beginning, and I would say that is a great number to start out with. At the end of the day, the owner’s get that the reviews can get stale because it’s a required part of using Rover, so don’t beat yourself up, but if you can keep them fresh and creative the owners will absolutely love you. Check out my video to learn all about my experiences working for Rover, different tips and tricks, advice, and how you can make it work for you! On Rover, if there is any situation you are not comfortable with you get the choice to decline it. They can be rude and talk down to you. Meet your dog's other best friend before you book. Wag doesn’t have this, but they have alluded to eventually offering it. Despite being a bit more transparent and navigable with their payouts, Wag will make unmentioned adjustments without explaining what they were for. I really love working with Rover because of how simple and easy it is to use. House Sitting: Pet-sit an animal in its owners home or stop by on a schedule to check on it and get paid. So, if you read one of these and don’t want to risk getting bit, even if you get a hold of Wag support, they’ll tell you to submit a Cover Request, which is a penalty to you… This is something they really need to fix, but as of right now this is how it is. This is something you will only really pick up on after walking for a while. The quicker you are, the better it looks on your profile, but it also helps with your placement in the Rover search results (much like how Google search works). With Rover on the other hand, I’ve rarely — rarely had to contact them, and when I have had to they respond immediately and you can definitely tell that the reps on the phone really want to help you. Getting Started is Really, Really Frustrating. The Rover app will ask you certain questions that will allow you to be matched with certain demographics such as how big of an animal you feel comfortable with taking care of, any specific breeds, age groups, or level of training. Unfortunately this is a huge flaw for Wag and I’ve seen no indication that they are working to address the issue. The market rate for a 30 minute dog walk is somewhere between $15-25 dollars. They can happen anywhere between when you get the walk scheduled and just before you’re heading out to it. With Wag, you get automated text messages mentioning that you are late, and they become more frequent and anxiety-inducing the later you are. In another blog post I give the example of how starting on Wag and Rover is a lot like how Yelp works: “When you’re hungry for a new burrito joint and see two spots nearby where one has 53 five star reviews and the other has no reviews at all, which place do you end up going to eat? Always make sure to meet in a public place or take a ride-along with you to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable during the entire meeting. The folks there want to make it super easy to try out their app. It’s an easy way to provide some peace of mind to the pet owners and shows that you’re treating this like a business. Book and get paid on Rover. But alas the, I usually update my availability calendar once a month when I receive my part time job hours. While you should leave genuine and truthful reviews, you’re really trying to win the favor of the god’s (the owners) so that they mark you as a Preferred Walker and leave you a nice tip. Regardless of which one you started with, here are some similarities, differences, and nuances between being a dog walker for the Wag and Rover apps. Unfortunately, the Rover app doesn’t feature a tip option. Are you flexible on the times of pick up & drop offs? Dog boarders earn the most on Rover. During each service, make sure to take plenty of pictures as well as keep track of each time the animal poops, pees, and drinks water. Here on the blog, you’ll find travel guides, lifestyle tips, attainable style advice and more. They likely book you regularly. You don’t want to be too high nor too low that you scare pet owners away. What this means is that in the case of Rover, if an owner is willing or wants to invest time in getting to know you and getting their dog familiar with you, they are likely looking to use you frequently. Gauge other people’s profiles that look similar to yours and go from there. Paypal is definitely the most seamless. Finding Dog Walker Rates Near You. Would love to hear from you :). I believe the background check cleared as quickly as Rover’s did, but it was another couple of days before Wag activated you to be able to pick up walks. Uniquely Mickie is a part of several affiliate advertising programs. You want to keep the owner updated as well as lower their nerves of leaving their furry friend with a stranger. Have people you’ve worked with before review you. When you sign up for the Rover app, you will get asked and are require to complete the basic background check. Sign up here through my link! Pretty quickly you start to run out of ideas for things to say because it’s a regular routine. The dogwalkers on the … Then, adjust accordingly. [bctt tweet=”Go into your first service knowing everything you need to know to be successful! The training includes what to do when another animal approaches the pet, how to keep the pet safe in the yard or in the house, and many other topics that are important to know. They value the consistent care of their dog. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking on Rover Is a Great Way to Make Money. Now because satisfying dog owners is the clear priority for Wag (versus the walkers being a priority), they cannot risk this happening. If you answered “yes”, then download the app and get started today with Rover! The Rover 101 training is a short mini class that help familiarize yourself on the best practices while taking care of someone’s pet. On the other hand, if you have an unpredictable schedule, such as being a college student, and you want to pick up walks here and there, stick with Wag. On Rover you don’t need to do or wear any of that stuff, which while it isn’t a deal breaker, it’s definitely nice to not have to do. The next big income-related difference is how these apps determine the rates they charge for a standard dog walk. Now that we are past the financials, let’s dive into some of the logistics. Most people talked about how they are looking for someone to stop in on their pets during the work week or a pet sitter for a weekend vacation. Dogs are always ignored for 'demand barking', and then asked to do something else like sit and focus on me in order to… Wag pays weekly and then they will email you a snapshot of the payment, featuring the amounts paid from walks, from bonuses ($1 swag bonus), and adjustments. If you’re looking for a more regular schedule of walks, then Rover will be great for you. It is pretty rare that an owner doesn’t have or use their Wag lockbox, and when they do not have one the key is usually hidden nearby. Getting hired on Rover all starts with creating a strong profile – and a strong … Then, adjust accordingly. Heck, if you don’t want to risk handling potentially hostile dogs at all, you can decline even setting up a Meet and Greet. If this post helped you or helped informed you of the possibilities, then please give this article a share so more people can read this article. [bctt tweet=”Start out with 5-10 reviews on your profile when you’re starting out.” username=”uniquelymickie”]. Simply stating “I want my dog walked at 2PM today.” is all the information they need to provide to have everything taken care of. This tendency can be a good or bad thing, depending on your schedule. People are curious creatures and want to be able to see what other people’s experiences were like with you. The notes might say “Will try to bite you when you put harness on. Disclaimer: I do have a coupon code MAKAELA20 that gets you $20 off your first service on the app that you can gladly use if you’ve never signed up for the app before. Neither outcomes are particularly ideal. You can do this by collecting lots of ratings and repeat bookings. dog owner searches through various dog walker profiles and then selects one to message and set up a walk with, they both average out to about the same amount of income, you’ll have to play ball with them until you can differentiate your services to justify a more premium rate. If something comes up or you can no longer make it at the scheduled time, you need to submit a Cover Request, which is where the walk is removed from your schedule and tossed back into the system for someone else to pick up. Pro Tip: If you regularly see an owner posting walks for their dog on a predictable basis, consider saving their phone number and contacting them after your next walk to see if they want to set up something with YOU on a regular basis. This is a BIG difference between the two. After completing your profile, I highly recommend that you allow some of your past customers submit a review for you. The standard for Wag is to provide dog owners with branded lockboxes to put on or near their front doors. Something that you can’t escape on either platform is that both have an equally, painfully slow start, meaning it takes a while before you start regularly getting booked to walk dogs. Owners on Rover hands-down respect and value their walkers more so than Wag owners do. Because they both average out to about the same amount of income at the end of the day. I've been using Rover to handle my rover walks on the commute. Dog-lovers can sign up as dog walkers and then come give your dog anything from a quick potty break to a nice, long romp in the park (in fact, if you don’t own a dog but adore them, being a Wag or Rover dog walker is a great job opportunity for dog … 9 out of 10 times this will earn you a regular client. With Rover enabling you to set your own rates (and keeping in mind that the market rate for a 30 minute dog walk is $20) let’s assume you charge $20. Once you get a dog booked on Rover, you’ll likely be booked to walk them anywhere between 2-5 times a week, indefinitely. That’s on you, and the quicker the better or else you simply miss out on the chance to walk a dog. They might add you as a Preferred Walker, which helps, but this would still require you to be by your phone constantly and also be available to walk whenever they might need it. I receive a few business opportunities simply by talking to other owners at the dog park and listening to what they were looking for. That way you won’t ever get asked to do a date or time that you aren’t available to work. If an owner goes to your profile and sees a long response time, they might even choose not to contact you at all, even if your profile is the best in regards to how many ratings you have, your pricing, how many repeat clients you have, etc. My point: you really get the opportunity to sell yourself. The biggest issue new Wag dog walkers run into when they first get access to the walker side of the app is getting their first walk. 264 reviews from employees about working as a Dog Walker at In … sign up through my link to earn $20 for free and start making money today! You'll get paid … It’s easy and really fun to do, if you enjoy working around animals. In both cases, home access is pretty well taken care of. [bctt tweet=”Networking is the key to success when it comes to a business or a career.” username=”uniquelymickie”], Take photos & keep the owner updated at all times. Hey there! In 2017 I started walking dogs with Wag and Rover as a way to make some extra money while I was working on my startup idea. More dog walks = more money in your pocket, so don’t shortchange your earning potential. I try to find something unique that happened to write about, and I’ve heard of other walkers writing the review from the perspective of the dog. Dog Walking: Accept requests to take a dog for walks during your spare time. Connect with 5-star sitters and dog walkers near you who offer dog boarding, dog walking, house sitting, or doggy day care. Tap Become a Rover sitter or walker. The other major income-related difference is that Wag gives dog owners the ability to tip, whereas Rover has no sort of option to do so through the app. Doing so is so difficult in fact, that a lot of walkers actually … Rover is like Yelp, where a dog owner searches through various dog walker profiles and then selects one to message and set up a walk with. Many owners use Wag despite having dogs that are consistently hostile to new people coming into their homes. This means that you need to be vigilant and routinely monitor for any discrepancies between what you were actually paid and what you thought you were going to get paid.

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