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By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Most of them have items they want, but initiating all of the little fetch quests is tricky. After the conversation, the player can find a new thimble by looting random bodies. This item will just show up as random loot on enemies after Arthur’s asked, so there’s no location for that one. 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Sleigh rides in Colorado are much more than circling around a track, they’re fodder for vacation-defining moments and stories to share back home.Consider these horse-drawn sleigh rides to inspire your Colorado winter vacation, and find even more here >> Inside the hut is a bear but you can throw some dynamite inside to take it down instantly. The Kentucky bourbon and hair pomade are available to buy at general stores, whereas the peppermint is purchasable from any stables. If players ask him about it, Hosea says he needs some more American ginseng to make Arthur some too. Request: Shrew in The Fog. Mary-Beth regularly writes in her journal while in camp. It's located directly east of Three Sisters in Ambarino, next to the train tracks. In the preceding conversation, the charismatic leader says he prefers to smoke from pipes, so Arthur promises to get him one. The item is slightly Northeast of the 'W' in West Elizabeth, in a shack named Vetter's Echo — just watch out for the bear that lives there. For the most part, the four Red Dead Redemption 2 Penny Dreadful books are hidden well. What Divinity Protagonist Should You Play, Based On Your Zodiac? Hosea’s long ministry, from the reign of Jeroboam II (787-747) to the reign of Hoshea (731-722), seems to have ended before the fall of Samaria in 722/721. Molly’s Pocket Mirror is at a camp called Martha’s Swain. Read CHAPTER 3 from the story MY REAL FAMILY (ABUSED AND NEGLECTED COWBOY MALE READER RDR2 X RWBY) by XxGamingBoy55xX (Daeun Jeoung) with 3,601 reads. What A Voice. Most can only be triggered between 8 a.m and 8 p.m — this guide will state if otherwise. You’ll find Hagen Orchards northwest of Saint Denis — it’s right between the Y and the N in Lemoyne on your map. Sometime after the game's final mission, Uncle will come up and ask the player for a bunch of ingredients for a home remedy. Jack’s more difficult request is for a Penny Dreadful. The ranch is to the southwest of Valentine. As for the Milkweed, it grows around river banks in Lemoyne, for example, Dewberry Creek. Hosea Pick up the "The Case of the Deceitful German" book at Hosea's tent. In a random campfire chat between 8 p.m and 3 a.m, Lenny tells a story about his father's missing pocket watch. This guide highlights mission strategies and Players likely already have it as it can be looted from almost everywhere. Thankfully, the item is easy to get a hold of as it's purchasable from fence shops. He has a degree in Film and Television studies and is now a freelance writer. The riverbanks of Bayou Nwa are a good place to search for the poisonous plant. While you’re in the camp, he’ll ask you for the book if you talk to him during the day. Hosea’s Request 1. This is because players must hear or have conversations with characters at certain points to find out what they're seeking. Players can fetch a replacement for her at the homestead known as Martha's Swain. It's located at Hagen Orchards, right under the 'O' in Bayou Nwa. The Fountain Pen is in the drawer of the table next to the dead old woman in a rocking chair. 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