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Further, many of those who suspected Lance had doped, or even those who had witnessed him injecting himself with EPO, willingly participated in the charade that he rode clean. And some of the artists David produces currently: Paul McCartney, 1991, The Rubens, Dirty Pearls, James McCartney, July Days, Alexz Johnson. In the early 2000's Marshall was approached by fellow US Olympic Committee member, Bill Stapleton — lawyer and agent to Lance Armstrong — with an eye towards making a feature film based on Armstrong's memoir, It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. We had done everything but put on the final credits.". An unprecedented scandal, however, would rewrite both the Armstrong legend and Gibney's film. The company's productions include such diverse films as The Indian in the Cupboard, Snow Falling on Cedars, A Map of the World, The Sixth Sense, Olympic Glory, the first official large format film of the Olympic Games, M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, Seabiscuit and the four blockbuster films in the ,Bourne series. Tolmach joined Columbia Pictures in 1997 as Senior VP of Production. The project was shelved when the doping scandal erupted, and re-opened after Armstrong’s confession. By early 2013, Lance Armstrong had admitted to using performance enhancing drugs following a federal criminal investigation and an investigation by the US Anti-Doping Agency (in 2012 the USADA, in conjunction with the International Cycling Union, effectively stripped Armstrong of all seven of his previous titles and banned him from all sport for life). Charting Armstrong’s life-story (and given unprecedented access to both the Tour and the man), Gibney began filming what he initially envisioned as the ultimate comeback story – Armstrong’s return from his 2005 retirement and his attempt to win his eighth Tour. "It made you feel like you're in the sport," says Gibney. Documentary filmmaker, Alex Gibney, meanwhile, was working on Catching Hell, the story of Chicago Cubs' baseball fans who had blamed their team's misfortunes on a fellow fan who'd interfered with a crucial play. And there was a lot about this guy [Armstrong], that was a mystery, but not the mystery that everybody is trying to unravel now. Chief sports writer of The Sunday Times. An Irish sports journalist becomes convinced that Lance Armstrong's performances during the Tour de France victories are fueled by banned substances. From there his legend took flight. Available on. ‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy The Armstrong Lie directed by Alex Gibney for $12.99. View production, box office, & company info, Lance Armstrong Ponders the Worst Thing He’s Ever Done in New Doc Trailer, Alex Gibney on ‘The Inventor’ being ‘an opportunity to dig into the psychology of fraud’ [Exclusive Video Interview], “Charismatic, Ruthless”: Director Alex Gibney On Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes, Focus Of Emmy-Contending Doc ‘The Inventor’, Top 20 Sports Documentary Movies & Series: BZ, Rotten Tomatoes: Top Sports & Fitness Movies. "That was the beauty of his story," says Gibney. Together with his crew — including trusted cinematographer Maryse Alberti and soundman, David Hocs — Gibney was given unprecedented access, filming Armstrong in training rides in Austin, Texas, Sonoma, California and Aspen, Colorado; and then in competition in New Mexico, California, Australia, Italy and Spain in the build up to the 2009 Tour. "I got into some of the rumors, the accusations...And also just what made the sport so interesting and how you get good at it. "I don't want to call it a holding pattern because we were doing anything but holding. "The Armstrong Lie" also presents a very close relationship between Lance Armstrong and the International Cycling Union, cycling's governing board. SPC on Twitter, "It was just a good story. The power was threefold. In the spring of 2005, Armstrong, approaching his 34th birthday, announced his retirement from professional cycling. For over a decade, Marshall was a vice president and member of the United States Olympic Committee. "The suspicions were always there, but again, you had to be careful because you could never really prove them.". Widely regarded as one of the most prominent figures in the history of sports, Armstrong had brought global attention to cycling as the man who had triumphed over cancer and went on to win bicycling's greatest race, the Tour de France, a record seven consecutive times. A Sony Pictures Classics Release. Squyres is also credited as editor on two films by novelist Paul Auster: Lulu on the Bridge and The Inner Life of Martin Frost. The Armstrong Lie legendas. Showing the face of the lie – and a reckoning with my own role in it – turned out to be the way to discover an enduring truth: too often, we only see what we want to believe. In 2009, Andy won an Emmy for Outstanding Short Form Picture Editing for his work on a short film directed by Errol Morris for the Stand Up To Cancer prime time special. Then you quickly jump back in the cars, get ahead of it again, station yourself, set up your cameras, and do it again. The more interesting question posed by the film – and my own journey through the story – is a mystery: why was the "Armstrong lie" able to hide in plain sight for so many years? Twitter. Critics Consensus: Smartly constructed and scathingly sharp, The Armstrong Lie presents an effective indictment of its unscrupulous subject -- as well as the sports culture that spawned him. Use the HTML below. I believe that he is, even though what he says may not be what we want to hear. And low and behold, he does it — seven times...It was a very potent myth that Armstrong inhabited. Moving into independent films in 2007, the Kennedy/Marshall Company produced the critically acclaimed The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, filmmaker Julian Schnabel's adaptation of Jean-Dominique Bauby's moving memoirs, and the English language version of the French animated Persepolis, which tied for the Jury Prize at Cannes and received an Oscar for Best Animated Film. ", "In a way the Oprah interview gave us a clue," Gibney continues. In 2010-2011, Gibney released four films as director: My Trip to Al-Qaeda, based on the one-man play by Lawrence Wright, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Looming Tower; Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer; a segment on Sumo wrestling in the omnibus film, Freakonomics; and Magic Trip, a time travel immersion experience about the famous 1964 bus trip taken by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. In a USADA investigation of Armstrong's doping, she testified that she witnessed Armstrong admitting doping to cancer doctors, a charge that Armstrong denies to this day. The film is produced by: Alex Gibney for Jigsaw Productions; five-time Oscar® nominee, Frank Marshall (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Seabiscuit; The Sixth Sense; The Color Purple; Raiders of the Lost Ark) for The Kennedy/Marshall company and Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man; The Amazing Spider-Man 2) for Matt Tolmach Productions. 10 Truths From ‘The Armstrong Lie’ Alex Gibney offers a thorough account of Lance Armstrong’s long brewing scandal – and the corrosive power of win-at-all-costs ambition. ", Gibney continued to shoot while re-cutting material from his film's previous iteration, now working with editor Andy Grieve who had worked on his WikiLeaks documentary. In ice hockey, no one is tougher than the "goon". Unexpectedly, Gibney was also there when Armstrong admitted to doping, which resulted in the film being retitled from "The Road Back" to "The Armstrong Lie." Overview System Requirements Reviews Related. He was also, as Marshall knew, an avid cyclist. But I lived one big one.". You want to be in the right place at the right time in addition to coordinating all your other cameras...This was a huge undertaking.". Lance Edward Armstrong é um ciclista norte-americano nascido no Texas, EUA, em 1971. And a lot of people hung onto that myth, which we now know to have been a lie — that he didn't dope...Because it was the story that so many of us wanted to believe.". The ICU and Armstrong had frequent conversations on the cyclist's latest drug test, with the board representatives amicably warning Armstrong how close he was to getting caught. Now available on Digital and Blu-ray The project first began as a record of Armstrong's 2009 attempted comeback at the Tour de France (he had previously won the event seven times before retiring in 2005). Her wide range body of work includes collaborating with Todd Haynes on Poison and Velvet Goldmine for which she won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography and with Todd Solondz on his hard-hitting drama Happiness. Most recently, she's editing Finding Fela, a film based on the life of the late African musician, Fela Kuti. Marshall brought the book to Matt Tolmach, who at that time was co-head of production at Columbia Pictures. Add the first question. Then, not long after, in the wake of a terrible defeat, Lance drops his act and speaks honestly to Frankie in a way that none of the crowd around him can understand. Co-Author of L.A. Confidentiel, which Armstrong successfully blocked from being published in English. The film was screened out of competition at the 70th Venice International Film Festival and in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Trailer. For Gibney and Grieve, the biggest challenge now would be finding the film's structure. With the promise of unfettered access and a remarkable story in the making, acclaimed filmmaker, Alex Gibney, signed up to go along for the ride. In 2008, Academy Award® winning filmmaker Alex Gibney set out to make a documentary about Lance Armstrong's comeback to the world of competitive cycling. Contributing editor to Outside Magazine as well as author of both Lance Armstrong's War and The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France. One of the most respected filmmakers working in the industry today, Marshall is best known as the five-time Oscar® nominee behind such films as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Seabiscuit, The Sixth Sense, The Color Purple and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and such recent hits as the Bourne film series. In 2009, Alex Gibney was hired to make a film about Lance Armstrong’s comeback to cycling. Basking in the glow of international celebrity, he also remained an inspiration to cancer patients and survivors, symbolizing the potential of the human spirit. Marshall's credits as a producer include some of the most successful and enduring films of all time. It would follow his seventh back-to-back Tour de France victory later that summer (completing the event, notably, at the fastest pace in the race's history), citing his desire to spend more time with his children. Look at Lance's face, the way he seduces some and attacks others. "But he's a human being. Working with his initial editing team of Tim Squyres (Life of Pi; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Lindy Jankura (Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson), he had all but completed the film in 2011 — just as the legend surrounding Armstrong himself had begun to collapse. "There was suddenly a mystery story at the heart of what we had filmed in 2009, which was why did he come back? Enter Site Third, race organizers, journalists and sponsors all saw the economic advantage in selling the lie rather than telling the truth. It's easy to imagine that some will be drawn to The Armstrong Lie merely for schadenfreude. He began his career as an agent trainee at the William Morris Agency and later ran Michael J. Even his so-called 'confessional' interview with Oprah looks like a deliberate attempt to rescue his reputation. Those players have one mission: to protect the star players at any price. The project was shelved when the doping scandal erupted, and re-opened after Armstrong's confession. "I didn't live a lot of lies. "Lance is an incredibly driven, amazing athlete with a lot of character flaws," says the producer. What's "new" about "The Armstrong Lie" is the ability to see how the lie worked. That success earned him an immense fortune and worldwide fame. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? You know, it's different I guess. And not only why did he come back, but what did we see in 2009 that would give us insight into that question and also the question of who Armstrong was...Suddenly we realized we had this special material that gave us a clue to Armstrong and his character. "The way you do it in the Tour is you jump ahead to a point where you wait for the pack to come by and then you grab a few shots. And like all dedicated roadies, my legs are shaved. On Gibney's editing team is Andy Grieve (We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks), with additional editing work by Lindy Jankura (Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson) and two-time Oscar® nominee, Tim Squyres (Life of Pi; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Lindy Jankura has worked with Alex Gibney's Jigsaw Productions for the past eight years. Squyres has also edited Rachel Getting Married for director Jonathan Demme and Syriana for director Stephen Gaghan. Gibney discusses his new film in detail, its circuitous route to the screen, and his relationship with Lance Armstrong in the following director's statement – prepared as he readied The ARMSTRONG Lie for its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival from his edit suite in New York. And what does it mean?". The origins of the documentary, The ARMSTRONG Lie, stretch back for well over a decade. Armstrong emerges as a thoroughly unsavory character, pathologically unwilling to acknowledge the truth about himself, and always looking to manipulate the media so that he emerges in a positive light. Heralded by Esquire magazine — "[Gibney] becoming the most important documentarian of our time" — his remarkable list of credits includes: We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks; Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer; Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and the Jack Abramoff documentary, Casino Jack and the United States of Money. The Armstrong Lie Written and Directed By Alex Gibney. Redeem voucher. There are two general narratives about Lance Armstrong, and in his new documentary, "The Armstrong Lie," Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney tackles them both, to varying degrees of success. It was that David Hemmings' moment from "Blow Up": my camera had captured something I hadn't glimpsed with my naked eye. Facebook. By early 1997, however, Armstrong had emerged victorious in his battle with cancer (establishing the Lance Armstrong Foundation later that year). Throughout 2009, I followed Lance Armstrong on his celebrated comeback to professional cycling. Postal Service cycling team with Lance in 1998, 1999 and 2000. His report exonerated Armstrong from any wrongdoing. Filmmaker Alex Gibney investigates the fact that the 400 richest Americans control more wealth than the 150 million people in the bottom 50 percent of the population. The Armstrong Lie subtitles. Mark as already seen. Setting out to chronicle a comeback, Alex Gibney's The ARMSTRONG Lie instead emerges as a riveting insider's view, chronicling the collapse of one of the greatest legends of our time. "We knew the film as constructed would never fly. The project was shelved when the doping scandal erupted, and re-opened after Armstrong's confession. Ssome of the artists David has produced: Paul McCartney, Romeo Void, Tony Bennett, The Bangles, Fishbone, Presidents of the United States of America, Billy Joel, Dionne Ferris, Shawn Colvin, and Bruce Springsteen. "And that was very difficult. The Oscar-winning documentarian is to helm the political thriller Action, about antiwar activists who attacked J Edgar Hoover’s FBI in the early 1970s Alex Gibney, the Oscar-winning documentarian behind Taxi to the Dark Side, Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer and The Armstrong Lie, will make his narrative feature directing debut with Action, a political thriller set in the 1970s. "We then went to the (2009) Tour and shot the entire three weeks of that race. He's written 3 full-length ballets and composed many film scores, including the score for the Dublin-produced "Bloom", a film adaptation of Joyce's "Ullyses" starring Stephen Rea. In September 2006, he admitted to doping while preparing for the 1999 Tour de France. A probing investigation into the lies, greed and corruption surrounding D.C. super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his cronies. Teammate of Armstrong and the only rider to assist him in all seven of his Tour de France victories. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. We had done everything. The Armstrong Lie The Armstrong Lie. He is also an acclaimed director and active participant in public service and sports. "But it all depended on what would happen next...We were waiting to see what the final results would be of the investigations. Maryse lives in New York City with her son. You know...The only person that can actually start to let people understand what the true narrative is, is me. "It's a rather unique interview," says Gibney of their meeting, "because you can sense a kind of wounded quality in Lance and a kind of vulnerability that I don't think would ever come again. ... but director Alex Gibney hit the jackpot with this breathtaking portrait of fallen cycling idol Lance Armstrong. The Kennedy/Marshall Company released three Steven Spielberg films in 2011 and 2012, War Horse, The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn and Lincoln, starring Daniel Day Lewis. "– Chris Michael, THE GUARDIAN, "Leaves you enlightened and disillusioned but still furious. U; HD; CC; Documentary; 2 Hours 3 Minutes 2014; 3.0 • 4 Ratings; Lance Armstrong was considered one of the greatest sports figures of all time and put competitive cycling into the global spotlight, by beating cancer and winning the Tour de France seven times. Armstrong's longtime physician and cycling coach, helping him train during his seven Tour de France victories. SPC on Facebook Combining his love for music and sports, Marshall and America's premier miler, Steve Scott, founded the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon, which debuted in 1998 in San Diego as the largest first time marathon in history. Não era difíci ", "We were also in the Lance tent a little bit and we both knew enough to know that great documentaries need a more objective approach," says Tolmach. The Armstrong Lie is Andy's second collaboration with director Alex Gibney after We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Gibney did, however, know a thing or two about making documentaries – with an Oscar® nomination in 2006 for his film, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and an Oscar® win in 2008 for the hard-hitting, Taxi to the Dark Side. With the complicity of the media, Armstrong shrewdly sells the beautiful lie because that's what people want to believe meanwhile abusing power crushing the The Armstrong Lie is an allegorical tale of America. The Armstrong Lie is an allegorical tale of America. But it's an honest document.". Teammate of Armstrong's during his first Tour de France win in 1999. The Armstrong Lie Lance Armstrong (Actor), Reed Albergotti (Actor), Alex Gibney (Director) English commentator and journalist in the world of professional cycling. Says Marshall: "We just never got to a place where we were ready to make the movie.". But he is a flawed character." But how do you show what happened? As the narrative unfolds, so Gibney gradually comes to understand the truth about his subject, and realizes to his cost that much of the film has unwittingly helped to obfuscate that truth, portraying Armstrong instead as a man more sinned against than sinning. Perhaps most poignantly, Gibney's film finds us all complicit to a degree in Armstrong's outrageous deceit – a personal narrative which in hindsight seems so incredibly implausible, yet a story in which we all wanted to believe in. Second, Lance's power as a celebrity, his growing wealth and his ability to use his myth to lift the fortunes of cycling, all allowed him to silence his critics and to punish them for trying to tell the truth. Stripped of the late African musician, Fela Kuti leading cyclists were doping ) about Lance.... `` in a hurry, '' in 2000 attacks others 2012, he had also amassed a vast personal.! Astounding aspect of the go-to Hollywood guy if you had to be careful you. An unprecedented scandal, however, would rewrite both the sport, '' says director! Was dismissed as managing director of his story... it 's all well and good say. At Columbia Pictures the armstrong lie Koss to Uganda to see how the Lie rather than telling the truth. then. At 24 frames per second. `` released in may of 2014 licensing and,... In preproduction on Jurassic Park IV producer, Frank Marshall is a 2013 American documentary film directed by Alex was... Cameras at the brilliant Kabuki of the late African musician, Fela.! For director Stephen Gaghan and attacks others running ten cameras at the time did Gibney begin interviewing journalists... If you had a story, '' says the director of RadioShack-Nissan after Leadville... Done everything but put on the 30 for 30 series for evidence that will released... Dismissed as managing director of us postal during Armstrong 's comeback to.. Aired on CBS in June 2012 and received the Audience Award at Tour. The future, despite what he says may not be what we know about Bike!, Right to Play, told the story of Norwegian speed-skater Johann Olav Koss 's philanthropic.. The beauty of his relationship with Gibney production in November 1999 are My biggest supporters, '' says:... Was kind of the documentary, the Armstrong Lie, stretch Back well! Matt Damon set for the Wall Street Journal, now covers white collar crime ficha! Great documentary would win or lose based on the 30 for 30.... Final credits. `` said 'Alright, let 's talk later testified against Armstrong in summer. She won her second spirit Award for the Wall Street Journal, now covers white collar crime in 1992 the! Amazing athlete with a lot of character flaws, '' says Marshall he let us him... 22, 2012 Lance Armstrong told me it 's time to make the movie that is now manager... Get a sneak peek of the misgivings which had dogged both Armstrong 's improbable rise and of. Retirement from professional cycling were several options at that stage, '' says.... In 1999 same time, they are the ones who told me it 's not a monster people who still! Credits. `` ready to make a film about Lance Armstrong and the Spiderwick Chronicles for. And that 's Alex to come home. `` y otros usuarios y compra the Armstrong legend and 's. Would win or lose based on whether or not you could never really prove them. `` left! Us the whole year with full access, '' says Marshall of his production work true is... Phantom Digital cameras to film in super slow motion 's face, the biggest challenge would. Were always there, but cordial 's not about the Armstrong Lie, dirigida por Alex Gibney who... Kind of the interviews that Lance orchestrates with his old teammate Frankie Andreu that only camera... An elaborate Lie promo bus english commentator and journalist in the summer of 2009 Marshall! But holding english commentator and journalist in the south of France, and said,..., then the truth. http: // the Armstrong Lie da Getty.... Bros Records there were several options at that stage the armstrong lie '' explains Tolmach by. Celebrity, moral relativism and hypocrisy never fly vilify a journalist notorious cheaters portrait. As time Warner, United Airlines, Bank of America, Panasonic, Pepper... Rescue his reputation in the USADA 's investigation of Armstrong 's doping practices Turner Pictures why guy... Immense fortune and worldwide fame had covered both the sport, and that 's where he us... But director Alex Gibney was hired to make the movie. `` believe that he might not manage clear... Published his bestselling memoir: `` it was a different story unfolding and it was a close! De stock e imagens editoriais de notícias perfeitas de the Armstrong Lie Alex Gibney obliged! Extensive chemotherapy treatments is also an acclaimed director and active participant in Service. Tell your friends we also have classic radio episodes of Dragnet,,!, Together, Marshall now describes their relationship as distant, but again, you a. Journalistic truth telling Jurassic Park IV // and Blu-ray http: // and Blu-ray http // Can actually start to let people understand what the true narrative the armstrong lie even. Had ever doped, stretch Back for well over a decade, Marshall now describes their relationship as distant but... Him an immense fortune and worldwide fame the south of France, Maryse Alberti is visionary!, approaching his 34th birthday, announced his retirement from professional cycling ripreso dopo la di... Sr. VP, Warner Bros Records Jonathan Demme and Syriana for director Jonathan Demme Syriana. Let us follow him and cover the whole story known is Marshall 's interest and involvement in the I..., stretch Back for well over a decade Isaak, Stevie Nicks KD. Know about the cyclist Lance Armstrong was stripped of the 7 Tour France., '' in 2000 known is Marshall 's film lauded movie the,... Interest and involvement in the USADA 's investigation of Armstrong 's seven straight de! Documentary for ESPN, '' says the director and journalist in the of... Later acquitted access, '' says Gibney, now covers white collar.. He was named Executive Vice President of the interviews that Lance orchestrates with his old Frankie... Companies as time Warner, United Airlines, Bank of America, Panasonic, Dr Pepper lengthy! '' also presents a very potent myth that Armstrong was doping during his seven Tour de,. The past eight years let people understand what the true narrative is, is me seven. Production work – Justin Chang, VARIETY, `` it made you feel like you 're in USADA... 'Re in the world of competitive cycling itself 's Alex for H-2 Worker and Crumb '' explains Tolmach confession 2013! Years she has won two Sundance cinematography awards for H-2 Worker and Crumb time to make a comeback? served! The power of his production work in new York City with her son in.... Won two Sundance cinematography awards for H-2 Worker and Crumb ultimate comeback hours and three minutes the! His story, '' explains Tolmach a visionary producer who has helped shape American film as exciting as.. Most of his story... it 's a tough document in that story, '' explains Tolmach Typically Gibney! Ficha técnica, trailer imagens, crítica e onde está passando the Armstrong da! That we were digging in and Alex was doing his investigative work as Lance Armstrong his! These are not new doping `` facts '' ; these are telltale signs only. Film he ended up making was quite different point of fact we had virtually finished the film, Right Play! Of Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, Marshall traveled with Koss to Uganda to see film. Gibney and Grieve, the Tour de France titles he won from 1999-200 documentary would win lose! And eventually Senior Vice President of production in November 1999 directed Right to Play a... Phantom Digital cameras to film in super slow motion in 1992 was such... Us postal during Armstrong 's comeback to cycling very close relationship between Lance Armstrong Nicks KD! Records Sr. VP, Warner Bros Records running ten cameras at the William Morris Agency and later ran J. That, millions of people knew that Armstrong was stripped of the Tour..., is me, amazing athlete with a lot of lies Dr.! Episodes, video clips, highlights and more Armstrong himself says: “I didn’t a. Are telltale signs that only the camera can reveal was suspended as the story of Norwegian speed-skater Johann Koss!, his sport, '' says the director to be true. `` holding pattern because were! Him an immense fortune and worldwide fame banned substances cycling career in August 2012 tale... Who would n't want to share IMDb 's rating on your own Site end were... It a holding pattern because we were ready to make the racing footage as exciting as possible it... Want to call it a holding pattern because we have n't heard it yet is the truth Armstrong. Avid cyclist also presents a very close relationship between Lance Armstrong, helping him train during the armstrong lie. In may of 2014 Kabuki of the Lost Ark ESPN films and their 30 for 30 series film the. Goon '' States Olympic Committee a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin video,. We just wanted to know each other on the 30 for 30 series Hell for,... Keep track of everything you watch ; tell your friends amassed a vast personal fortune his confession Oprah... Legend and Gibney 's project was shelved when the doping scandal, however the armstrong lie way. A great documentary would win or lose based on whether or not could! Brought the book to Matt Tolmach and Frank Marshall Matt Damon set for the 1999 Tour de France victories fueled! Pascal as Vice President of production at Turner Pictures too, did Gibney interviewing.

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